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What do your sheets say about you?

Whether we admit it or not, we choose our sheets on purpose. It might be the feel, the cheap price or the thread count – whatever it is, we consciously make a decision to invest in those sheets. Let’s take a look at what shade your sheets are… and what they say about you:

White sheets

You’re a total perfectionist, and love nothing more than coming home and falling into your clean, crisp sheets. You regularly change your sheets and love the feeling of having a freshly made bed each day. Your friends would describe you as OCD when it comes to cleanliness and that you always smell fabulous.

 Brown sheets

If there was one word to describe you – practical. You know brown sheets are easy to wash, won’t stain like white sheets and are just plain comfy. People say brown isn’t very pretty.. but who cares? You think that no one can even see your sheets, so why bother about the colour? You’re down to earth and don’t see the point of coloured sheets. You don’t have time for coloured sheets, you’re too busy going out with friends and travelling.

Grey sheets

You’re fashionable and know that grey is the perfect colour for sheets. It won’t stain but also goes with everything, and gives the aura of “totally have it together”. You’re probably working 9-5 in a job that you love, and are in a committed relationship. Congratulations – you’ve cracked the sheet code mystery and have nailed your bedding.

Brightly Coloured Sheets

Your bedroom is already super bright & colourful, and you’re not afraid to show it. You enjoy being the centre of attention and love showing off your bedroom. The colour of your sheets, whether neon yellow or hot pink, shows that you have a bold personality and are a risk-taker. Your friends would describe you as loud, fun and a little bit OTT (over the top).

 Black sheets

Often silky & luxurious, you’re mysterious and see your bed as your castle. Think luxe pillows, satin sleep masks and lots of candles. You’re a romantic who sees yourself as a bit of a charmer, and you’re always happy to spend the day in bed. You know black sheets show every stain, but that’s just you – living life on the edge and taking risks every day.

No sheets

You’re living life on the edge, and don’t spend a whole heap of time at home. You’re too busy travelling and working to care about your bed. Your sheets are still in the wash from three weeks ago and you’re not even bothered. You friends would describe you as a free spirit, a tad messy with a no-fuss attitude.

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