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Netflix & Koala: September

Ladies and gentlemen, koalas and joeys, it’s that time of the month. August… you’ve been cold and unpredictable, and we’re glad to see the back of you. September is only THREE months from Christmas (gulp), and rather than think about your Chrissy shopping, we’ve collected the best September Netflix collection for you to binge on instead. Save your credit card from pointless purchases and get tucked into bed, September is bringing the goods!

JAWS: The cult classic that just keeps on giving, if you haven’t seen Jaws then you haven’t really lived. Netflix is being uber generous this month and giving us not only the original Jaws, but also the follow up 2, 3 AND 4. That’s a whole lot of epic shark watching, nail-biting action that will be sure to keep you busy on your mid-week binge.

Narcos (Season 2): Most of us devoured the first season of Narcos in an all-nighter, and the Netflix Gods have taken pity on us and released the next season of the Colombian drug thriller. If you love handlebar moustaches, 80s shirts and don’t mind a bit of drama, Narcos is the one for you. Episodes are a little longer, making your binge a big one. Ensure you’ve got snacks, stay hydrated and most importantly – don’t take any inspiration from this series!

Marvel’s Luke Cage: It’s been a LONG awaited series, but Marvel’s Luke Cage is hitting our Netflix screens at the end of September and if you can’t tell we are really, really, REALLY excited. If you’ve been waiting for your next Marvel Universal fix, then rest assured your wait is almost over. Mike Colter stars as Luke Cage, who is a former convict with insane strength and unbreakable skin and now spends his days fighting crime on the streets of Harlem. This series has been developed over 3 years, and is guaranteed to be you next favourite.

Amanda Knox: After the complete world’s obsession and hype over Making a Murderer, more and more docos are being developed about people who’ve been jailed only to be acquitted. Cue Amanda Knox, who was either a violent psychopath who murdered her roommate, or an innocent student caught up in a never-ending nightmare. This doco explores the notorious case and will make you obsessed with the case… make sure you’ve got your phone handy for non-stop Googling throughout the show.

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