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The 4 hour bedroom makeover anyone can do

We spend more time there than anywhere else in our homes, so why not make your bedroom a sanctuary, somewhere you really love?

No matter your budget, big or small, it’s easy to update your bedroom style, all it takes is 4 hours, some creativity and patience.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just ready to update your boudoir look, order your mattress and update your bedroom while you wait. Think of your bedroom as your sanctuary, taking care of it and creating a peaceful sleep environment could really be the key to more restful nights. So make your bedroom your place to relax, unwind and most of all, get some quality shut eye.

First things first a clean up is essential.

How often do you catch yourself feeling anxious or restless when you see a pile of unopened letters or a stack of unsorted papers? Get back to basics and start by decluttering to create a clean slate to help you look at the space from a new perspective.

Minimalism is key when it comes to bedrooms, that’s why it’s best to only include the furniture and items you really need. The same goes for decorating. No need to go for anything extravagant, small changes can have the largest impact.

So when you’ve got four hours to kill, here are four simple ways to upgrade your room.

1. Pair your linen with bright pillows

Nothing feels better than jumping into bed with fresh new sheets. Go for a clean, muted colour to create a refined base for your room. From there you can layer different colours and textures to add personality through throw blankets and rugs. Use pillows to add a pop of colour or to join in on the latest interiors trend. Bright and colourful throw pillows give an instant mood update and when you’re ready for a new look, they are easy to swap out, rotate or replace!

2. Add in a creative shelving option

Adding some shelving is not only good for storage but is a great way to get creative in displaying your favourite items. Floating and hanging shelves also double as creative art pieces, match the material to what you’ll use them for — acrylic and glass are great for lightweight frames and bottles, while heavy books are better on a more durable recycled wood or steel.

3. Light up the room

Bedroom lighting is essential to achieving optimal sleeping conditions. Dark rooms provide the best conditions for quality slumber, so bedside lamps are perfect for reading and transitioning the body to be ready to sleep. Add in bedside lamps as a less harsh lighting option for just before bed. Go for a metallic rose-gold or a matte black to add warmth to the room.

4. Decorate those walls

Inject your personality into your abode with personal wall art. Curating your own gallery is simple, just place your favourite photos and prints in similar frames. Hanging plants add instant life and greenery to your walls and use a mirror to open up the space.

There’s no doubt that the design of your bedroom has an effect on your mood and in turn, your sleeping patterns. Following these simple key tips will help you rid yourself of those restless nights and have you sleeping in style in no time.

As for the best part, on the other side of those four hours you’ll not only have a fresh looking bedroom, but a brand new mattress on your doorstep to make that first sleep that much more magical.

Sweet dreams, Koalas.

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