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Protecting kiwi for the future

We're not only on a mission to enhance your sleeping experience. We're on a mission to protect the future of one of New Zealand's national icons.

Yes, that’s right. When you buy a Koala Mattress you’ll also be adopting a kiwi in a partnership with WWF-New Zealand. Upon your purchase, you’ll be sent your very own certificate of adoption.

Your adoption helps WWF support community groups with the expertise to protect kiwi. Their work includes reducing numbers of the predators that harm vulnerable young kiwi, as well as carrying out tracking to gather information about location, health, and behaviours of birds. You’ll also be supporting groups as they move kiwi to areas of the country where numbers are low, so they can re-populate these areas.

When you purchase a Koala Mattress, your wonderful contribution will not only support young kiwi and give them a safer environment to grow up in, but also conserve, protect, and restore their natural habitat to prevent kiwi loss and extinction.

Kiwi conservation

Unfortunately, the kiwi is extremely vulnerable to predators as it can’t fly, and therefore can’t escape to safety. As part of your Koala Mattress purchase, you will help reduce the impact of predators in wildlife managed areas, and give kiwi numbers a chance to recover.

Conservation efforts like these not only benefit kiwi, it also benefits other native fauna and flora in the bush that kiwi call home.