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The movies that will help you to get to sleep

Every night, as we put our weary bodies into bed and rest our heavy heads on our pillows, we tend to turn to our TVs, tablets, or smartphones (or if you’re better than us, a book) in the hopes of finding a story that will lull us into a dream-like state.

For those struggling to fall asleep, movies are the lifesaving option that are always available, no matter the hour. Yes, we know we’re always saying you shouldn’t look at screens before you go to bed, but you’re only human, and from time to time everyone needs a good movie before bed. However, the art of choosing a quality movie to watch before falling asleep is difficult.

Movies are meant to be watched at night, in darkness, when the world is asleep and distractions are minimised. Action movies are not your friend in this instance. You need something with a slower pace that will both entertain and allow you to enter gracefully into dreamland.

Here are five of our favourite movies to snooze by:

The Lord of The Rings

This one doesn’t need much in the way of introduction. The story of some tiny people who have to deal with some sort of evil jewellery, is one the biggest and certainly one of the most well-known epic cinematic journeys of our time. It’s also so long (3hrs 48 mins) that you’re almost guaranteed to fall asleep in no time.

Enter the Void

Sometimes all you need are soothing visuals to send you drifting you off to dreamland. Enter the Void is one of those movies which provides a calming pre-sleep experience thanks to the first person camera angle journey this movie takes you through a Tokyo that’s seen through a kaleidoscope.This one is best enjoyed alone in a dark room as you slowly drift off to your own version of dreamland.

2001: A Space Odyssey

If you’re in the mood for something that will transport you out of this world, then watching long sequences of spaceships docking coupled with striking visuals of the galaxy and the milky way makes this the perfect film to watch before you hit the hay. Known for pioneering special effects, and for using sound in place of traditional narrative techniques like dialogue, 2001, is a perfect bedtime flick. Avant-garde music like Ligeti, will send you off to sleep in no time.

Forrest Gump

This award winning movie, which is now more than 20 years old is heartbreaking, odd, and calmingly beautiful. Watching Tom Hanks play a man who does all sorts of amazing things in the ultimate slow burn, yet feel good movie, is one of our favourite ways to unwind to after a long day. It’s also such a delight to watch no matter how many times you see this movie. Sleep Forrest, Sleep!

The Truman Show

Jim Carrey’s remarkable performance as a man learning that his entire life in a coastal village has been the subject of a live, 24-hour-a-day TV drama, is just the ticket you need to switch off from your daily grind and transport yourself to your own personal movie set. Critics have called it one of the smartest, most inventive movies in memory, because it manages to be as endearing as it is provocative. We like to watch the movie for the plethora of laughs, which is sometimes all you need before bed.

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