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Most Common Dreams and What They Mean

Dreams, and dream analysis has been an insightful method to interpret, and understand a person’s stresses, fears, and hopes. Even in ancient cultures, humans knew just how important interpreting dreams were to get a better understanding of yourself, and how you can move forward in life.

Debatably, while there is no exact science to dream analysis, there are common similarities that shouldn’t be ignored. Dream Analysis is often used in therapy as a method of understanding, and healing. There are many theoretical models of dream analysis such as  psychoanalytic theory which focuses on unconscious desires, and Gestalt therapy that sees dreams as our subconscious sending messages to ourselves.

There are many dreams that people have in common, but what do they mean?


Dreaming of falling means you feel a loss of control either due to your insecurities, being overwhelmed with responsibilities, or you have nothing supportive like friends to hold onto during stressful times.

Teeth Falling Out

Dreaming of your teeth falling out points to you not feeling you can properly communicate during a situation of life. Maybe you feel unprepared for a task ahead, or feel powerless when it comes to standing up for yourself.


When analysing being cheated on in dreams, it’s good to look at your relationship. If you feel you aren’t getting enough attention, this dream means you feel like you are being neglected. If perhaps your relationship is going good, maybe you’re feeling scared of abandonment?

Being Chased

If you’re being chased in a dream it means you are trying to avoid something in life,  your own fear about a situation, and you suppressing your feelings to the point that it’s catching up to you.


Dreaming of yourself dying means you wish for an end to the current way of living, and need a new beginning. Death shows that there are things happening that put you into a transitional stage of your life, and that you require a big change to move forward. Perhaps a new job, new relationship, or move to a new place!


Analysing dreams when you’re naked comes down to your life situation. If you’re in a position of power, or have a secret you’re hiding, nudity means you have a fear that you will be exposed. If not, it shows your vulnerability in a situation, and being unprepared for something ahead.


Water in general means you feel overwhelmed, but drowning in your dreams shows you are in an overwhelming situation such as financial trouble.

But what does it mean if you have a reoccurring dream?

If you’re having a reoccurring dream it means you need to face that issue in real life, otherwise it won’t go away! Reoccurring dreams are very common, and happen to 60-75% of adults, with it more common with women.

So what did you dream about last night?

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