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Australians take a comfort first approach to bedtime with 52% wearing their favourite pjs to bed, and only 18% of Aussies go commando when they go to sleep. Whether you’re snuggled in your pjs or bearing it all, research shows that rocking your birthday suit to bed is actually better for your health.

Improves Sperm Health

Live sperm production has seen a 50% decline in western countries over the past 40 years due to numerous factors like reduced sleep quality, stress, substance abuse, and certain medication. Tight, and constricting underwear doesn’t help that at all. In fact, the standard pair of underwear raises the temperature down there for men to 37 degrees when it should be less than 33 degrees. This increase in temperature kills off the sperm.

Furthermore, men who wear no underwear at all at night have higher fertility rates, and studies show that those who go commando at night have 25% less damaged genetic fragmenting in their sperm.

Helps You Burn Brown Fat

Humans have two types of fat: white/yellow fat, and brown fat. White fat is the storage area for your excess calories, and sits around your waist, and thighs. Brown fat sits at your front, and the back of your neck, and burns your calories to generate heat. Newborn babies, and hibernating mammals have exceptionally large concentrations of brown fat to keep them warm, and not a lot is known about brown fat in adult humans. One thing is apparent is that brown fat activates during the cold.

A study by Dr. André C. Carpentier, an endocrinologist from Universite de Sherbrooke, found that in a 3 hour period where  healthy men were exposed to cold temperatures, they burned an extra 250 calories than those in room temperature.

In a similar study by  Endocrinologist Dr. Paul Lee at the National Institutes of Health found that exposure to colder rooms increased brown fat by 30-40%.

Could going sans pyjamas be one of the key ingredients to losing weight?

It Assist Your Body’s Natural Thermoregulation

You know that warm, snuggly feeling of wearing pjs at night? Well it’s actually preventing you from having the best sleep. Humans are endotherms which means we internally regulate our temperature but external stimuli affects this thermoregulation.

When it’s time to go to sleep, your body releases melatonin that starts a set of bodily changes like dropping your temperature. Besides a Koala mattress‘ zero partner disturbance,  your body needs to stay cool with a sweet spot around 22 degrees for uninterrupted sleep. Pjs can make your body overheat, take longer for you to sleep, cause you to wake up, or not fully go through the sleep cycles.

Overheating also means that your body doesn’t release enough growth hormone during your slumber which is important for balancing your metabolism, anti ageing, and improving your body composition.

Helps Your Sex Life Heat Up

Even when you look past the health benefits, sleeping naked can do wonders for your sex life, and relationship. A recent study of 2000 Aussies showed that 50% of men would prefer their partner going to bed stark naked instead of pyjamas (14%), lingerie (12%), or nighties (12%). Also water is wet.

Makes You Happier in Your Relationship

The touch of your skin on their skin releases oxytocin otherwise known as the “happy hormone”. There are countless studies that show the amazing benefits of increased oxytocin in your relationship – especially during a naked cuddle.

Ninety-four percent of couples who spent the night in contact with one another were happy with their relationship, compared to just 68% of those that didn’t touch” said Richard Wiseman who is a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire. In another study in the UK, over half of couples who slept in the nude said they were happier in their relationship compared to those who wore pjs which was less than half.

As “good relationships keep us happier, and healthier“, will you ditch the pjs, and sleep naked tonight?

To help with a good night sleep, why not try Koala’s All Season sheets which are made of 100% eucalyptus TENCEL fibres? They feel so good it’ll make you want to sleep naked…

About the writer

Bernice is the Growth Marketer for Australia at Koala. Here for over 1.5 years at Koala, she manages the affiliate program, referral program, influencer campaigns, content strategy, and bedroom growth initiatives.

Email: b.abuan@koala.com

W: bunnybernice.com

IG: @bunnybernice

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