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Boost efficiency by changing your relationship with time

There aren’t many things in today’s fast pace world that cannot be replaced, re-programmed or automated. There is, however, something that none of us, no matter who you are or what you have can get back and that’s time.

Many of us live higher paced and demanding lives and how we manage our time and our relationship with time is paramount.

Time management is critical to boost your efficiency, work smarter and get back to what you want to be doing sooner. Here are some ways to boost your efficiency and change your relationship with time.

Track your day with a timer

Regardless if you are working for yourself or someone else, unless you are part of a timed production line you can easily waste time while you’re at work. The flow on effect is that the tasks you may have set yourself may be too much to fit in your available time, so you stay later etc.

Download a time tracker and use it truthfully. Track the time you spend working on a task. When that’s done, clock out and clock into the next task. Undertake this for a few weeks, then look back at how much time you work for and how much time you don’t use efficiently.

Put importance on your time

Your time is yours; you can’t get it back. If people are wasting it, ensure that you stop them. If they pop over to your desk at work and talk about things that are not important to get your tasks done – park it. Ask if you can come over and speak after you ‘push this task out’. Waste their time, not yours.

Take five, reset and get going

One of the most important things to ensure that you are being efficient and getting the most out of your time is to reset before each task. Go and get a glass of water, go to the bathroom or simply take a two to five-minute walk. Think about what you have done, think about what you have to do next, focus and get on with it.

One of the issues we all have trying to get so much done is we don’t allow ourselves to compartmentalise what we are doing and move on, leading us to make mistakes.

Work out how you can get the most done, effectively and efficiently so you can leave work and enjoy your ‘me time’ with the people you care about instead of wasting your time on tasks that are unproductive.

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