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The simple key to keeping a maximalist house tidy

The idea that “more is more” is something that many of us embrace without even realising, but when it comes to a maximalist home, how to keep things tidy is a whole different matter.

Here are some simple tips to keep your maximalist lifestyle in check around your home, while still enjoying all your prized possessions!

Super charge your storage

The focus for a maximalist lifestyle is storage. If you like to collect stuff, then you need somewhere to put it. Furniture stores such as IKEA have been providing storage solutions for decades. With a quick search, you can find plenty of creative storage solutions not only for the smallest European apartments but also the suburban family home.

Storage for keeping a maximalist house tidy comes in all shapes and sizes. Consider TV units, coffee tables and even couches with inbuilt storage to keep your home tidy without needing to give away any of your prized items.

Craft the ultimate storage system

In a maximalist house, you are more likely to have more than one set of cutlery and crockery per person in your household. You would have multiple sets for different occasions, maybe a set for regular use and a set for entertaining – which is fine – but you need a system and stick to it so that your kitchen cupboards don’t wind up overflowing with bits and pieces.

Having multiple items that compete for the same function is one thing however you need to ensure that your maximalist lifestyle has a system for each of the multiple items you have and stick to it. For example, don’t have your cocktail dresses sitting with all your work outfits – it needs to be a practical and workable system that makes sense and keeps everything in order and easy to access.

Be a clean machine

One of the hardest parts of the maximalist home is keeping it clean! Even a minimalist can struggle to keep their home clean and tidy. This is multiplied when you apply the maximalist mantra to a home environment.

Consider hiring a regular cleaner to come in and make sure that not only things are not just tidy, but clean. Remembering that although your things may look fantastic, they could also be gathering dust, insects you name it.

Living a maximalist life doesn’t need you can’t have a tidy and organised home. Set up a stellar storage system in place and get yourself nice and organised and you can live life to the max without having to be a minimalist.

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