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Be ruthless: simplify your surroundings to free your mind

Your surroundings influence how effective you are at work, life and in relationships. Life is too short to deal with a world cluttered with noise that is adding no value to our state of being.

The key to simplifying your life and freeing your mind is to be ruthless and cut out things that add no value and take time for yourself.

Here are a few tips for turning over a new leaf and freeing your mind.

Live for the now

As the old saying goes, the journey is often more exciting than the destination. We can be so concerned with where we want to go that we forget what is happening around us. Getting the fancy house, the luxury car, the high-end clothes and jetting off on top-notch holidays means nothing if you don’t enjoy what it takes to achieve them. Be present in the moment, enjoy the chase, revel in the journey and, who knows, your end destination may not even be where you were planning on going.

Keep it simple

Take a step back, create a list and add the large tasks first, then the mid-size tasks next and finally the small tasks at the end. We often fill our lives with the little things that hardly matter – emails, SMS, social media – and don’t leave time for the important things such as spending time with family, learning new things or sport.

Declutter and thrive

Consider removing obstacles to your happiness and wellbeing. You may have a long-time friend that only calls when they want something, never asking about what you’ve been up to. Are they someone that is adding value to your sense of being? Consider exploring new friendships and thriving. You can declutter and thrive in your home too. Do you really need to hold onto every piece of furniture you have ever purchased in a storage shed? Consider what is and isn’t adding value to your sense of being to declutter and thrive.

Are you too busy running around to take stock, sit back and live in the moment? Schedule in some time to zen out and take a break – consider doing yoga, going for a run or taking yourself out for a cup of coffee. Give yourself a moment to reset, recalibrate and be present in the moment so you can free your mind and live a simpler life.

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