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Why you probably should change your mattress ASAP

If you’ve been putting off buying a new mattress, here’s a few reasons why you probably should get one ASAP…

How much do you really know about the mattress you’re currently sleeping on? What’s it’s history? Where is it from? How long have you owned it for? Did you buy it second-hand? If you don’t know the answer to any of those questions, we may have some disturbing news for you.

You are most likely sleeping on kilograms of dead skin and sweat and potentially exposing you to all manner of pathogens.

On average, someone who has owned a mattress for eight years has slept on it for 20,761 hours. If you’re currently resting on a hand-me-down mattress that someone has had for a further eight years before you, you’re potentially sleeping on a mattress that has had someone lying down on it for more than 41,000 hours!



Over 8 years, the average bed owner will shed 4.84kg of dead skin IN bed. That’s the same weight as a miniature dachshund (we know which one we’d prefer rolling around in bed with).



In saying that, if you let your four-legged friend share the bed with you, that means you’re almost doubling the amount of shed skin cells floating around in your supposed sleep sanctuary (ewwww!)



Joining your already disturbing mixture of dead skin cells is your bodily fluids. From sweat to saliva (and, ahem, more!), these fluids after eight years are enough to fill two bathtubs.



Take a look at the mattress cover on your beloved bed. Like anything, mattresses deteriorate over time and aren’t meant to be kept forever. The mixture of sweat, oil and bacteria eventually seep through your bed sheets, and can leave a mattress cover looking stained and discoloured – even if it’s regularly washed.



If you’re thinking about the miniature dachshund made entirely of skin cells lurking beneath your sheets, or perhaps how your mattress is on its way to filling up its second bathtub of sweat, it’s time to have a serious think about a new mattress.

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