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Why you need a digital detox ASAP

Do you often find yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed, only to realise you’re refreshing it and not getting and new information? Half the Australian population log into Facebook every day.

While it keeps us connected and up to date with friends, social media can also be quite disruptive. Most of us only post images of our best selves online; ideal representations of what we’d like to appear to outsiders. It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of thinking how people portray themselves on social media is how their lives actually are, leading us to feel envious and excluded.

If this sounds familiar, you need to consider a digital detox. We fully endorse taking five steps each month to disconnect from the online world and reconnect to those in your immediate sphere:

1. Make yourself accountable

Tell everyone around you about your desire to detox from the online world. The more the better, because they’ll hold you accountable. It’s great that you’ve promised yourself a digital detox, but when you promise 100 people they won’t let you forget it!

2. Get rid of the perpetrators

When you’ve decided on a digital detox, it’s like committing to any behavioural change. You need to get rid of your addiction, and put it far away where you can’t access it. Whether that means locking it in a cupboard or leaving it at a relative’s house, get your digital device away from you.

3. Have other distractions ready

When you’re rid of your phone/tv/tablet/laptop, there’s every chance you’re going to be bored. Invest in a new book to read or plot out a new hiking track to look forward to; anything that will distract you from your recently hidden technology.

4. Find a detox buddy

A digital detox can be tough if you’re doing it by yourself. It’ll be 100x easier with a friend by your side. While you can’t annoy each other by constantly texting, you can do one better and actually spend that time together and physically talk in real life. #winning

5. Be realistic

If you work full time, you’re most likely going to need technology at some point during the day. Don’t despair, this doesn’t mean you need to give up on the entire idea of a digital detox… you just need to be realistic. Allow yourself the time you need for work. Allow 30 minutes a day on social media to start with, and then slowly restrict this until you no longer need it. Fill the time with friends, family, or enjoying the world around you.

A digital detox shouldn’t spell the end of your life – in fact, it should open the door to the broader world around you.

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