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Why people hog the blanket, and other deal breakers

Are you a notorious blanket hog, or are you a victim of sharing a bed with one? While you may think that they do it because of selfish reasons, it may actually be because of who they shared a bed with as a child.

A study has shown what effect sleeping with a toy as a child has on your sleep all these years later! Below you’ll find what statistically you’re more likely to be like in bed based off your child bed companion.

Childhood habits

If you slept with a doll, well it turns out you are the biggest blanket thieves of all with 35% of you stealing the blanket at night.  You’re also a noisy one with 44% of you snore, 65% toss, and turn, 53% wake up frequently, and 19% talk in your sleep.

Sleeping with a teddy bear comes in second worse with 72% of you toss, and turn in your sleep, 51% wake up frequently, 38% snore, 28% steal the blanket, and 22% talk in your sleep. You, and your partner would be better off with a Koala mattress for it’s zero partner disturbance capability…

Not far behind is those who slept with a blanket, probably affectionately known as blanky, with 30% of you stealing the blanket back at night, 49% waking up frequently, 68% toss, and turn, 39% snore, and 21% talk in your sleep.

But why does this mean they steal the blanket now as adults?

Honestly, there’s no concrete evidence why but theorists believe it may be due with the feeling of security, and comfort. As a child you cuddled up to your toy companion, and now without it, you mimic that feeling with the blanket.

Deal Breakers

Despite not wanting their partner to hog the sheets, the alternative of bringing back a toy animal companion is a deal breaker for most. The biggest deal breaker was dolls at a whopping 17.4%, followed by teddy bears at 10.3%, stuffed animals at 9.8%, special blankets at 9.3%, and 5.6% for a pet.

For those who currently sleeps with a partner who has one of these nighttime companions, the number of them annoyed, or giving ultimatums is massive! Dolls still were ahead of the pack with 30% of partners annoyed, and 30% would give an ultimatum if their partner slept with a doll.

So what would you prefer: blanket hog, or a stuffed toy cuddle?

About the writer

Bernice is the Growth Marketer for Australia at Koala. Here for over 1.5 years at Koala, she manages the affiliate program, referral program, influencer campaigns, content strategy, and bedroom growth initiatives.

Email: b.abuan@koala.com

W: bunnybernice.com

IG: @bunnybernice

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