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Tips for helping you moving house: the best moving house tips you never knew

The idea of moving house might strike fear into your heart as your memory sparks visions of lifting your furniture and possessions in and out of your home to a new abode.

Moving house doesn’t need to be a horrifying experience if you follow a few unknown tips that might just make your moving day a breeze.

Here are some tips for moving house that you probably never knew.

Book in your move on a weekday

Moving mid-week is cheaper plus you’ll more than likely have the bonus of a move date that is less busy than the weekend alternative.

Keep all the little essentials in a box

Have you ever moved house and then had to hunt through a house full of boxes to find the TV remote! Place all the essential little things you need including TV remotes, legs for beds, Allen keys and any instructions for re-assembling your furniture in a small box that is easy to access – better yet, put it in your car when you move you so know exactly where all the little essentials are at all times.

Put aside the essentials

You moving day is going to be a drain so don’t send yourself into a spin by forgetting where your tea and coffee is located or your essentials like toilet paper, medications and phone chargers. Put the things you need the night before and the day of the move in a location that is easy to access even when your house is full of cardboard boxes and house movers.

Do a trial run

Moving your furniture into a new home can be a huge task, but before you even physically move your gear, you should do a trial run to ensure that all your favourite furniture is going to fit through doors and up staircases. The worst case scenario you might need a crane or a scissor lift for some of the bulky items. If you do some measuring of your new property before you move you won’t wind up with a nasty surprise on moving day.

Reserve a parking spot for the moving truck

While you might be caught up in last minute packing the day of your move, finding the perfect spot for the removalist truck and adding a reserved parking sign could make the unloading and access super easy for your moving team.

Cater for the removalists

While your moving team might have come prepared with a packed lunch – providing cold drinks, a slice of cake or even some pizza to help boost energy levels is always a great idea if you want to ensure your removalists are operating at peak levels.

Draft up a floor plan in advance

Your head might be spinning as you pack up your home and get organised but mapping out a floor plan for your removalists will save you heavy lifting in the long run, particularly if they put bulky items in the wrong rooms or even on the wrong level of your home.

Moving day will inevitably be a little stressful, keeping these tips in mind might just make your moving day run a little smoother so you can settle in and kick off your life in your new digs.

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