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In bed with Katie

Firstly we’d love if you could tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure! I’m (@mumma_robke) a Mum to Asher, 4, Koda, almost 2, and Luna 8 months. My partner and baby daddy Luke and I run a business from our home studio (he’s a Film Maker). But I also try to make time for the things that I love like Photography, Interior Styling, and general mum-nesting haha.

What does your perfect morning look like?

A perfect morning for me would be waking up to Asher’s footsteps down the hall to climb into bed with us and snuggle (he always finds a spot right next to Luna). Then not long after, Luke will go and get Koda from his cot and bring him in. This, followed by a strong coffee and a big breakfast cook up is idyllic! The kids are always perkiest in the morning so I love having enough time to soak it all in before the day starts.

What’s your number one sleep tip?

Blackout curtains (for kids rooms) and relaxation music or white noise. Particularly for daytime sleeps, these have been my saving grace, and I feel make for a more solid and deep sleep for everyone!

How do you wind down in the evening?

We have a pretty solid bedtime routine down pat which I think really helps to wind us down. We’ve got a super relaxed parenting style for the most part but as soon as it hits 5pm we do dinner, a bath for all 3, then at least 20mins of calm rhythmic books, and bed at 6:30pm. For Luke and I, a glass of wine and a good chat after that helps us wind down!

Your home is very rustic, and down-to-Earth. What goes into your mind when decorating your home?

I’ve always been more drawn to wooden pieces, I find them interesting and homely. But I also just love earthy textures and finishes in general. I look for neutrals, wovens, rattans, raw and imperfect pieces. I love for the space I’m in or creating to feel warm and inviting but clean and minimal. Nothing too fussy.

What mattress feature appealed to you the most?

Haha definitely the zero disturbance feature! Luke and I are up still through the night with Koda and Luna so we have always woken each other getting up, moving around etc. Now we have to actually ask the other how the night went for them because we don’t feel a thing. The best!

How has Koala changed your sleeping habits?

I feel like we’re sleeping more soundly, more comfortably, and not disturbing each other as much. But also I’ve noticed my hips that have ached through the night since I had Luna 8 months ago, now cease to ache. I previously thought it was just normal and a side effect of having 3 babies in 3 years, however now I know it’s just the difference between an average mattress and a good quality mattress.

Everyone knows kids love getting messy! How do you keep your home as hygienic as possible?

Oh yes they do! To be honest I have just recently come to terms with the fact that our little home will never stay perfect for longer than 10 seconds at a time. And we don’t want to spend all of our time while the kids are young, cleaning and tidying! So we’ve had to set a new realistic focus, and that’s to just keep the surfaces of the house clean. Floors, walls, windows, mirrors and bench/table tops. So even when toys are strewn across the floor, building blocks and books and clothes are everywhere – it sort of feels like a clean kind of messy. Much more manageable!

What matters most to you when getting new furniture, and bedding for your children?

I love natural fabrics and fibers so as far bedding goes, quality cotton and raw linen always catches my eye first. For furniture I can’t go past lighter wood pieces. There’s something effortlessly stylish and calming when your kiddies bases are earthy and neutral.

Having three children must be a lot of hard work. What is the one piece of advice you’d like to give new mums out there?

Ooh just one piece? It would have to be to stay in the moment with your baby as much as possible. Realize that the little moments will soon be the bigger moments you’ll look back on and wish for. I also think the more we’re in the moment with our kids, with little to no distraction, the more they thrive. And really, how could we ever regret spending that extra time while they’re so young, connecting and being present with them?

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