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32 hilarious things people have done without sleep

We spoke to a number of women to find out the funniest things they’ve done when they haven’t had enough sleep. We’ve all done the typical acts of sleeping through an alarm or forgetting an important appointment due to a lack of sleep, but these women have taken it to the next level with their lack of proper shut-eye. Here are some of the best:

“I went to put my handbag over my shoulder but it was actually my coffee. Safe to say I’ve never mixed up the two since!”
– Shalini

“This was a long long time ago but I once went to ride my bike to the shops. I put my helmet on and once I was up the middle of my street I realise I’d left my bike at home!”
– Caroline

“Sent a text to a friend – Me: Hi how’ve you been? We should catch up soon!”
Also me: “Hi, good thanks! Yes definitely I’d love that”.
– Ariana

“Sworn at a myki card reader while holding up a large queue of people behind me, all the while persistently trying to ‘tap on’ with my work security pass.”
– Jess

“When my son was young I found the toaster in the fridge. I didn’t remember putting it in there, but did remember making toast.”
– Monique

“I forgot how to get to my daughters school. She was in year 4, had always attended the same school and I drove her everyday. I had a non sleeping newborn.”
– Mandy

“I filled a trolley with groceries, waited forever in the line only to realise at time to pay that I had my daughter’s play purse (it was my old purse that I had given to her). Very embarrassing!”
– Leanne

“Told a potential buyer of our house that we were sitting on a landmine (I meant a gold mine).”
– Marnie

“Point the car key at the house door…press press… and ask myself, ‘why won’t it open?’”
– Cherie

“Realised quite late in the day – which had been spent walking around the office – that I was wearing odd shoes. One navy square toe and the other, a black pointy toe. At least the heels were the same height.”
– Helen

“I used fly spray in the frypan instead of cooking oil spray. (Those homebrand cans are totally similar)”
– Claire

“Went to pour myself a glass of wine and made myself a bottle of formula and went and sat down on the couch to drink it…. Was a good hour after I put the baby to sleep.”
– Chloe

“Found my keys on the toilet roll holder and toilet paper in the pantry (where we hold keys).”
– Ola

“I’d driven my daughter to school, gotten to school and turned to kiss her goodbye, but I’d left her at home.”
– Shannon

“I made myself a sandwich and then put the plate with the sandwich back in the cupboard.”
– Winnie

“I’ve walked out the door with my shirt, shoes & stockings on. Minus my skirt. Thankfully I only made it to my driveway!”
– Samantha

“I’ve worn my bra in the shower.”
– Georgia

“As a new mum, I repeatedly typed my pin into the microwave & then wondered why it was some random long time. Took about three tries to realise.”
– Tanya

“I was furious when I’ve realized that my alarm didn’t wake me up in the morning, only to later realise that I had 6.45 into the calculator.”
– Urszula

“32 weeks pregnant and I put my laptop in a big washing basket to carry it up some stairs, then tipped the whole thing into the washing machine and turned it on. Took 5 seconds to realise what I’d done but the damage was done.”
– Darbsy

“I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t find the keyhole to start my car with. I have a keyless entry car!”
– Jasmine

“I went through a day with only one contact lense wondering why everything was blurry.”
– Kate

“I parked my car, got out, went shopping, came back to the car, only to realise that I’d left the keys in the ignition and the motor running(thankfully it was still there LOL)”
– Sarah

“I’ve was making coffee and washing up at the same time – and put the detergent in my coffee instead of milk”
– Kate

“I dropped a candle and couldn’t find it and went about my day. Like a big one. I thought it skipped under the furniture or whatever, I couldn’t be bothered to look for it. All day long, I went with the big huge candle hanging from my scarf and no one told me!”
– Angela

“Left my baby on the sofa, she was dressed for our day out, and sleeping out of my arms for the first time. She was only 2 weeks old, child number four. We got in the car, we started the engine and her 4 year-old brother burst out crying as we reversed out the driveway, thinking we’d given her away.”
– Kylie

“A friend of mine walked through the Auckland airport with one breast hanging out after feeding her baby on the descent. No one said anything until her husband met her on the other side of the gate!”
– Lou

“Saying ‘I love you’ to a client at the end of a call!”
– Tess

“I had 1 hour sleep and in the morning when I was making a cup of tea, also made one for my 8 month old who was sitting in his highchair staring at me as though I had lost my mind.”
– Leanne

“Just arrived at the movie theatre… sat down, and tried to find my ‘seatbelt’!”
– Leigh

“Feeding the same baby twice and wondering why I had one baby screaming and the other spewing.
– Sam

“Poured boiling water from the kettle into the pot of tea bags and not my cup…. that was a strong brew!”
– Sarah

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