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How to throw an epic sleepover… for ADULTS!

Here at Koala, we believe in the power of sleepovers. We’re not talking about those polite guest room stays, or those crazy sugar fuelled sleepovers you had as kids… we’re talking about genuinely spending time with people you love, having fun and *GASP* sleeping in the same room.

As Annie once said, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile”, and we couldn’t agree more. Adult sleepovers bring out our inner child, and allow us to fully relax with friends whilst eating delicious food. Here’s our guide on how to host the epic sleepover, for ALL ages:

- Pyjamas: You’ve reached the age now where you genuinely appreciate a decent set of pyjamas, and we know you’ve been dying to show them off. Turn up in your pyjamas at the sleepover party, let people compliment you (always) and get ready to be super comfy for an epic night.

- Food: Gone are the days of party pies and lollies, instead opt for a sushi platter, roast dinner or if you’re feeling particularly rebellious, a whole lotta Thai. You know you need to be in a food coma at a sleepover, so dig in!

- Sleep: This is the main difference between a kid’s sleepover and yours. When you were a kid, you’d push the boundaries of sleep and aim for 3-4 hours. Now? You’re genuinely excited about sleep, so ditch the late night scary stories and actually get some shut eye.

- Alcohol: Remember how you used to get hyped up on soft drink? Ditch the bubbles for a smooth glass of red or white, lie back on your koala mattress and enjoy spending genuine time with your friends. Plus, the boost of a cheeky glass of red will help the conversation flow.

  • - Comfort: Let’s face it, you’re past the days where sleeping on the hard, wooden floor in a sleeping bag was appealing. Grab your koala mattress, carry it down to the lounge room and sleep like royalty. Not only will you be comfortable, but if you have to share the bed (like the good ol’ days), you won’t feel them tossing and turning thanks to the zero partner disturbance technology in the koala mattress.
  • - Card Games: Ditch the ghost stories and Netflix for a cheeky game of Cards of Humanity. You’ll learn more about your comrades than you’ll probably want to, and watch as their inner personalities come out and show their true colours. The combos are absolutely crazy and it’s an entertaining game that you’ll be able to play for hours.

  • With World Sleep Day coming up on the 17th of March, what better activity to do than plan your very own adult sleepover? Make sure you tag us in your sleep photos at #sleepwithkoala and #koalamattres to show us how you’re owning your sleepover.

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