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Did you know that showering later at night can help you sleep better?

We all know how refreshing it can feel to wake up and hit the shower in the morning, but
new research has found that showering at night can actually help you to drift off into the
land of wink and nod.

Researchers have found that taking a warm shower at least one and half hours before bed can help set your body temperature to the perfect degree in order to stimulate your body clock for sleep.

Here’s how it works:

In the morning your body temperature naturally rises until late in the afternoon. After this
time period, your body temperature starts to fall and this is linked to feelings of tiredness
and lack of motivation.

We all know what it feels like to get that afternoon slump and many experts believe that
this is due to the falling of our body temperature.

According to Dr Dianne Augelli from the Centre for Sleep Medicine at the Weill Cornell
Medical Centre, “cooling down is a signal that tells us we are supposed to go to sleep.”

Showering in the evening is believed to be effective for sleep as it helps to manipulate the temperature of the body by forcing it to cool down. In fact, several studies have shown that bathing before bed can induce sleep as long as there is ample time to cool down afterwards.

For maximum benefit, experts suggest showering or bathing in warm water for no more
than 20 minutes around one to one and half hours before bed. In this one and half hour period your body begins cooling down, which in turn alerts your
body clock that it is time to sleep.

In studies, those that bathed before bed were able to fall asleep faster and woke up feeling more refreshed than compared to when they bathed in the morning. Besides helping you to get a night of peaceful sleep, showering before bed also has additional benefits as well.

The most lucrative benefit of showering at night is that it can help give you at least 15 to 20 extra precious minutes in the morning. This extra time can be used to sleep in or even to get a head start on the day.

Showering in the evening has also been shown to improve the quality of your skin and keep your bed sheets feeling cleaner and crisper for longer. According to the National Sleep Foundation, cleansing before bed can help to reduce breakouts and can even guard against wrinkles.

Bathing before bed also has therapeutic effects as well and can help to reduce stress and release any nagging thoughts from the day. At first it may seem strange to skip your morning shower, but the sleep benefits could be
well worth it.

If you are struggling to sleep, or looking to create a new night time routine, why not try
showering at night and see if it helps you to achieve a restful night of slumber.

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