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How the perfect mattress is made

There’s a direct, and well documented correlation between a good night of sleep and improved performance (both mentally as well as physically). From an increased risk of accidents, through to physiological issues including hallucinations and paranoia, a lack of sleep can have profound effects on mental focus and overall wellbeing. And that’s why we started work on designing the perfect mattress for Australian conditions – it wasn’t an undertaking we took lightly.

Just right

At Koala, we take rest seriously and have drawn on more than a century of research into the biomechanical needs of humans as well as materials engineering to offer what we consider the pinnacle of mattress design. In developing our mattress, Koala conducted considerable research into the softness (or firmness) of the mattress to settle on what we’ve come to refer to as “the goldilocks zone” – a combination that’s just right. In fact, in feedback from our customers, we’ve found that of the few returns we receive, half claim the mattress to be too firm, and half think it’s too soft. We’ve got a softness index score of 6.1 (out of ten), striking a balance between being supple yet supportive for good rest.

Layered Construction

Deep, restful sleep enables you to wake feeling rested, ready to take on the day. Koala mattresses employ a proprietary 5-zone system of differing foam densities to ensure your body is properly aligned from head to toe. This enables Koala to tailor the feel of the mattress across three dimensions and ensure the best night of rest for all body shapes and sizes. We employ a combination of foams including a layer of ultra-resilient Ecofoam™ to balance support and suppleness.

Aussie-made for Aussie Conditions

Our Australian-made mattress has also been constructed with local conditions in mind. Aussies need to contend with temperatures in the 40s during summer and below freezing in winter, so we took care to design a mattress that offers a blend of coolness and ventilation, while, the open-cell structure of the foam balances the body’s natural temperature regulation to help stay comfortable on the coldest of nights. We’ve also paid attention to the small details and have included a cover that’s natural and machine-washable, while also including anti-microbial properties and remaining hypo-allergenic for sleepers with sensitive skin.

As our mattress is manufactured in Brisbane, Australia, we are proud to support the economy and provide local jobs. This also leads to additional benefits for the customer, as we can control the process of manufacture, every single step of the way while also meeting the highest standards and certifications.

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