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Going off-the-grid and doing it right!

In this day and age, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with technology. From Facebook, Instagram, emails and relying on a little robot vacuum to clean the house (PS: the best thing ever!), we are so heavily tied to being connected with the outside world, yet increasingly disconnected from nature.

Getting away for the weekend, especially to a luxury off-the-grid tiny house like Kindled (kindled.com.au), can be an awesome experience to get back in touch with nature and help you have a healthy “tech-detox” to refocus your mind and rekindle those relationships.

However, being off-the-grid is not something that is very familiar to us city-dwellers in this day and age. So we put together a little guide to disconnecting the right way!

Read/Write a Book

Before you head off, always pack a good selection of books. Variety is important when heading off-the-grid so make sure you have enough to keep you captivated for whatever the mood calls for. Grab your favourite book and park yourself under the nicest tree you can find and watch the hours melt away while enjoying your favourite novel.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of starting your own novel, movie script or play. Pick up that pen and find a place to let your creativity run wild without any distractions, you never know what you might create!


Stargazing is something rarely enjoyed within built up areas of Australia – light pollution from street lights and skyscrapers can wash out the brightest stars. Far away from the city, each star seems brighter than the last, an explosion of lights from distant solar systems make up the sky. Take the time to lie down, lights off and enjoy the stars (watch out for the shooting stars).


In between the naps and book reading you can easily feel the need for some adrenalin or excitement – relaxing is hard after all. If you feel the need to laugh, cry or just get rowdy, open a board game like Battleships, Monopoly, Scrabble or classics like Chess, Checkers and cards. But don’t think that games need to be just inside the house, there are many games to be played outside too! Games like Ring Toss, Horseshoes and Frisbee get you outside and enjoying the sun too!

Lighting a campfire during winter is part of a typical camping/off-the-grid adventure. Being able to gather wood, plan your attack and enjoy the satisfaction from sparking up the first campfire of the trip is pure bliss. The campfire is the heart of your off-the-grid experience. Gather round to drink wine and tell stories, play charades, talk, roast marshmallows to create s’mores (that’s right, you can do this in Australia too!).

We hope this neat little guide gives you some creative ideas for your next off-the-grid experience, helps you clear your mind and helps you create some memorable experiences too!


We recently partnered with tiny house accommodation service Kindled who specialise in off-the-grid escapes from the city – providing them with our soft sheets, pillows and comfy mattresses. To celebrate our partnership, Kindled are offering Koala lovers a neat discount of $40 off per night when you complete your booking during April with the discount code: KOALAxKINDLED.

This article was written by Kindled co-founder Jamie Hayman.

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