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Five smart ways to fall asleep faster

There is nothing better than waking up from a good night’s sleep, feeling fresh and ready to tackle whatever the day is going to throw at you. Meanwhile, if you drag yourself out of bed after a restless night tossing and turning, overthinking and not relaxing, you feel like you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

Here’s how to get a good night sleep and get to sleep faster.

Put down the technology

Technology is a massive roadblock to a good night’s sleep. Studies show the level of dopamine and excitement we seek from our phones in today’s tech-savvy world negatively affects our sleeping habits.

Pick a time at night when you plug your smartphone or tablets into the wall away from your bedroom and go and read a book, listen to music or just talk to someone tech-free. Making the evenings tech-free gives your brain time to calm down, relax and get ready for bed so you can have a deep sleep.

Read a book

Reading a book gets you off technology, teaches you something new and is very relaxing. Reading a book, especially at night, will often make you drowsy and take our minds somewhere else – be it a fiction or non-fiction text.

Reading a book will also allow you to be in a peaceful setting before you jump under the covers and head to sleep.

Cut out the afternoon coffee

Who doesn’t love an afternoon tea break and a good coffee? The issue for many of us is that living a high paced lifestyle means we often ‘grab a coffee’ just about any time – even late in the afternoon when we really should be staying away from caffeine.

Loading your body too late in the day with caffeine before you head home and to bed is a big no-no for a peaceful rest. Set a time that is your limit for caffeine drinks and if you’re catching up with people after this time, make it a green tea, water or something that doesn’t have caffeine in it.

Regularly exercise

Exercise is paramount for a good sleep. Regardless of when you exercise, your body gets to burn energy, gain muscle stimulation and ensure that you are physically and mentally tired after your day – best case scenario for a great night’s kip.

Meditate to block out the ‘noise’

There is a great deal to be said about ‘mindfulness’ and meditation before sleep. You can listen to meditation music, the sound of waves, or just nothing. Be present in your thoughts and listen to nothing, you will eventually calm down, relax, breath and fall asleep. If you are not sure how to meditate, attend a yoga class, read a book or even download an app (before 8.30pm of course) to learn the art of meditation.

Remember, sleep is the cornerstone of getting the most out of when you are awake, so don’t take it for granted!

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