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Escape the daily grind and reconnect to nature with Koala and Kindled!

At Koala, we pride ourselves on providing products and service that enable Australians to make the most of their day. Taking this core company value to the next level, we have partnered with luxury tiny house accommodation company Kindled to provide Sydneysiders with the ultimate off-the-grid getaway to recharge and reset – enabling visitors to reconnect with nature and inspire them to kickstart their goals.

Kindled (kindled.com.au) is the newest addition to Australia’s booming tiny house rental industry, specialising in short­-term getaways set amongst unique Australian landscapes. Kindled properties are only three hours away from metro cities and help visitors escape the grasp of technology and everyday stresses.

Each off-grid tiny house is custom designed, built and uniquely placed in breathtaking landscapes. Encapsulating the best in Australian nature, giving guests the opportunity to relax, read a book and create unique experiences away from technology.

To top off the environmentally-friendly, fully-equipped houses, we’re providing Kindled customers with the ultimate sleep, fitting out tiny houses with our mattresses, pillows and luxury TENCEL sheets.

To celebrate the partnership, Kindled is offering all Koala lovers a special discount with the code KOALAxKINDLED during the month of April only (to be used anytime)! Visit the Kindled website for more information and to book in your date with nature.


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