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Why we're proud to be Australian made

We’ve had a few customers lately asking why they wouldn’t go with another cheaper company – who cares where it’s made as long as you’re getting a working product right? Wrong.

Here are just a few reasons why we’re proudly Australian owned, designed and made:

1. We control the process, every step of the way

Koala is committed to creating the perfect sleep experience for our customers. How do we do that? Our office is located in Sydney, and 90% of our team works from here every single day. Our factory is also in Australia, which means that not only can we get there FAST when needed, it means we always have full control of our product.  Koala is committed to continual improvement of the product, which required an extremely close relationship with the manufacturer's. When companies use an international factory, the factory works off a standard script that is used in all mattress products across the world. To counteract this, we are working with our local manufacturers every day to ensure that we are testing new layers, manufacturing methods, and innovations to ensure our product remains the best in the world. 

2. We can ensure that product means the highest standards and certifications

Not only are you supporting the local economy and giving jobs to Australians, but you’re also supporting yourself and your family. Australia has some of the highest, strictest manufacturing standards in the world, and each and every product made in Australia has to comply with these procedures. You can be confident that your mattress has never left Australia, and that is has gone through rigorous testing to be safe for your family. We’re certified by GECA, the Asthma Council and proudly a part of the Australian Made Campaign.

3. We are providing Australians with jobs

Research published by the Industry Capability Network highlights that Australian made products and businesses have an incredible impact on the economy. For every $1 million of new or retained manufacturing business in Australia, 10 full time jobs are created and $95,000 worth of welfare benefits are saved.

4. We are accountable for every element of our product, every time

This disconnect between international manufacturers and local brands means that it’s impossible to be accountable for the whole process, to ensure quality every time. Here at Koala, we make sure we are within touching distance of every single part of our process, so we’re accountable every time. All Australian made products are required by law to abide by Australian Consumer Laws, that are designed to protect you, our customers.

5. We sleep well knowing our workers are treated fairly and paid properly

There’s no such thing as sweatshops or underage forced illegal work in Australia, so you can rest assured that your mattress is made ethically. Australia has the fourth highest wages in the world, and some of the highest standards of workplace health and safety. Forget low-paid immigrant labour or unfair overtime, we pay each and every one of our staff more than the standard to ensure each and every mattress is made with love and passion.

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