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Why CLEAN SLEEPING is the new clean eating.

We’ve had clean eating, clean exercising and clean cooking but this has to be our favourite… clean sleeping. To most, sleep seems like a simple concept. Jump into bed, close your eyes and sleep.

 There’s a fine science to achieving the perfect sleep, and Gwenyth Paltrow reckons she’s nailed it with her formula she refers to as clean sleeping, with ten hours being the ideal amount of hours of shut eye (according to Gwen, anyway!)

 As Nutritional Scientist, Dr Laura Lefkowitz says “The simplest and most direct route to ageing gracefully, maintaining a slender waistline and enjoying glowing skin and lush hair is getting as much as nine hours of good sleep every single night.”

 Step One: Meditation

Known as Yoga Nidra, this psychic sleep is a form of meditation that is believed to mimic the benefits of sleep when you’re still physically awake. You can find heaps of guided yoga nidra meditation sessions online, but you can also do it yourself if you don’t have access to a computer… it’s simple!

 Lie down on something comfortable (your Koala mattress is PERFECT for this), close your eyes and relax. Begin by focusing on each individual part of your body, start at your toes and finish with your head. Cast your attention in a circular motion with each body part, and take your time with this process. This meditative state will not only make you super relaxed, but also has restorative benefits and will have you ready for sleep.


Step Two: Ban the Snacks

It’s all about the 12 hours fasting window when it comes to clean sleeping, according to Detox Expert Dr Alejandro Junger. “This is because your body won’t slip into deep detox mode until about eight hours after your last meal, and then it needs about four more hours of undisturbed sleep to do it’s job properly”.

 This means if you eat dinner at 8:30pm, you shouldn’t eat until 8:30am the next morning. If you absolutely can’t avoid eating late at night, at least don’t cave in to the temptation of having a sugar-laden treat or meal. Avoid the wine as well, whilst it initially feels like it makes you sleepy it later will disrupt your sleep.


Step Three: Head Rub

Most of us love a good massage, so it comes as no surprise that a head rub just before bed has therapeutic benefits that have proven to help sleep. There are special trigger points on the back of your head that can stimulate circulation, speed the flow of oxygenated blood through the body and help to rid your body of toxins.

 If there is no one at home to give you one, you can also easily give yourself a head massage. Apply gentle pressure with your thumbs on your skull, until you find the correct spot. You’ll know you’ve found it when you feel a dip and a tender point, located near your ears. To release the pressure, gently massage your thumbs in circular motions for 10 seconds until you can feel the tension release.


Step Four: It’s all in the feet

You’re lying in bed, totally blissed out from your yoga nidra and head massage, could there possibly be another step?! Yes, and what a literal step it is. Most of us tend to ignore our feet, and don’t realise the trauma that we put them through every day. Whether you’re spending all day in pointed heels or boots that are one size too small, our feet can be swollen, sore and neglected by the end of the day.

 Keep a jar of thick, divine-smelling moisturiser next to your bed, and give yourself a 3 minute foot rub each night. No matter how silly it sounds, you don’t need a degree in reflexology to give a decent foot rub. Start at the middle of your sole and work your way up to your toes, finishing on your heels. Not only will this keep your feet silky soft, it will help to relieve mental tension and prepare your body for the most restful sleep it’s ever had.


Step Five: Copper Pillow

It all seemed doable up until now, but when you start talking about adding copper into your sleep schedule you’ve even lost us. According to Gwen, “You might be able to glean maximum health benefits from the time you spend in bed by investing in a special metal-infused pillowcase’.

Studies have shown that pillowcases infused with fine strands of copper oxide can potentially help to prevent the formation of wrinkles. The metal helps to boost elastin and collagen in the skin, and is even believed to have antimicrobial properties that are said to help tame acne.


At the end of the day, sleep is sleep and we always encourage you to get a minimum of 8 hours. The perfect recipe for sleep? We're a tad biased, but if you haven't got a Koala mattress, then now is the perfect time to take advantage of our 120 night trial and try clean sleeping for yourself!




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