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Why a Koala mattress is the PERFECT Christmas present.

When you think of the best present you’ve ever received when you were younger, what do you think of? We’re hedging bets that it was something BIG. Whether it was a bike, a piano or your Golden Retriever, you’ll always remember that one seriously awesome present. You know what else is really big? A KOALA mattress. Here’s just a few reasons why they make the perfect Christmas present:

- You’re giving the gift of sleep, something that only most people could dream of receiving.

- It’s in the biggest box under the tree. Who doesn’t love receiving a massive box?!

- They’ll never be able to guess what it is... you’ll have the entire family bamboozled.

- If you were stingy last year, then this really makes up for it. Seriously.

- You'll be adopting a koala with every purchase, so rest assured this gift gives back to more than just the giftee.

- It’s the gift that keeps giving…and giving…and giving. We sleep for 1/3 of our entire lives!

- You’ll be the first person that they think of and the last when they go to sleep thanks to your amazing gift giving skills.

- It’ll arrive in 4 hours if you live in metro. If you’ve forgotten to get a present, we’ve got you covered.

- They can’t re-gift it. No need to live a life in fear that your gift will be re-gifted, it’s near impossible.

- You’ll be known as the ultimate gift giver. Who can top a koala? NO ONE.

- Every year when you're looking for a place to put all your opened presents wrapping paper, you've got a portable bin! Your lucky giftee will be able to unbox their Koala, and then recycle the box as a bin. It's a win/win in our eyes.

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