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What your go-to brunch says about you

We’re a nation that loves a good brunch. Whether it’s detrimental to buying a house or not, treating yourself to brunch is a mighty fine way to spend a Sunday. There’s something particularly decadent about going to one of the many incredible cafes in Australia, for someone to cook you a delicious brunch that is easily worthy of being splashed on Instagram.

When we go out to brunch, we all tend to gravitate towards a particular dish (or a slight variation of it). You may not know, but just as your horoscope can provide an insight to your personality, your brunch may reveal even more…

Avocado on Toast

You’re an intelligent soul, and appreciate the small things in life. You’ve recently been swept up in the minimalistic trend, and have probably thrown out half of your wardrobe… Though you may have found yourself debating exactly why everyone needs to cull their clothing. You get to the gym regularly, love dating and judge your avocados more harshly than you do most people in your life.

The Big Breakfast

When you brunch, you get serious. You’re doing it for all the gains, and you’re determined to finish off every morsel of food on that plate. Mushrooms, bacon, eggs, avocado, hash brown, toast, sausages. The full shebang. You’re probably heading off to the gym after to do a hard sesh and make that meal count. You’re looking strong! You do you. And you don’t mess around.

Photo by @gatherandfeast

Acai Bowl

With phrases like ‘clean eating’, ‘paleo’ and ‘influencer’ fuelling your vocabulary, your friends would be genuinely surprised if you didn’t go for the most grammable food on offer. You normally tend to go for acai, but you’re not 100% committed to a superfood smoothie bowl. If there’s something even prettier on the menu, you’ll go for that. Your motto is, “it doesn’t matter what it tastes like, I’m just here for the gram.”


Twice the calories, triple the satisfaction, you understand the true meaning of brunch. A meal to indulge on, your version of brunch means a full-on, no-holds-barred blow-out. Persian fairy floss pancakes? Great. Maple bacon waffles dripping in syrup? Even better. You’re loveable, funny and extremely good looking.


You love the familiar things in life, and with winter here to stay for a while you can’t help but gravitate towards your go-to breakfast at home; wonderful, warm porridge. You’re a loving soul, and one of the kindest people ever. You dress for comfort, and have never understood the “pain is beauty” motto. You love the simple things in life, and would happily spend a day reading a book by the fireplace.

Plain Toast

If you’re not extremely hungover, then we have no idea why you’ve just ordered plain toast. Are you ill? Did you eat a gigantic breakfast before you came? Have you lost your mind? Unless you’ve broken the bank and can’t afford to buy anything more than a couple of slices of bread, there is no excuse. You’ve lost sight of what brunch is all about (delicious, scrumptious, indulgence) and you’ll find you won’t be invited again. Don’t. Just don’t.

Eggs Benedict

You’re a traditionalist and we love that. You’ve always loved eggs bennie since you were a kid, and every time you have brunch you don’t even need to sight the menu. Your friends might spend eons debating the virtues of one breakfast dish over another, but you know who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re gonna get there. In fact, you love this classic so much, you’ve tried to replicate the sauce at home yourself, but never could get it to taste just right. Hang in there! You’ll get it one day. You’re an all-round legend and would do anything for anyone.

Whether you’re more of an avo-on-toast person or are committed to doing it all for the gram, we love the fact that brunch is in your plans. It’s the perfect decadent start to a day, before you can return home, curl up in bed and binge on Netflix.

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