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What does your coffee order say about you?

We love our coffee at Koala HQ, and we all have completely different orders. It got us talking - what does your choice of caffeine really say about you? Whether you're in the fast lane with your espresso, or pottering through life with your flat white, your coffee choice really does reveal a lot about your personality.

Long Black: You want to sip on something, but you’re not a big fan of milk. You’re driven, passionate and you’re not here to have a good time. Your life motto is work hard, play hard. You’re an absolute goal-digger and you won’t stop until you achieve everything you’ve ever wanted and more.

Flat White: You’re a traditionalist, brutally honest and cut straight to the point. You don’t have time for fooling around, and you’d rather stick to what you know. If your friend asks “Do you like my new boyfriend?”, you’re the one person who would be honest and say no.

Latte: You’re a big softie at heart, and aren’t fussy when it comes to coffee. You’ve travelled a little bit, but still have so much of the world to explore. You enjoy the simple things in life – your morning coffee, stable routine and your sleep are all you need in your life.

Cappuccino: Whether you want to admit it or not, you enjoy the finer things in life. That little bit of chocolate on top may not seem indulgent, but you love lavish things. Don’t let this luxe lifestyle mask your true self though – we all know you Cap drinkers love more than just a coffee to drink. You’re a serious party animal and are always the last one on the dance floor.

Iced Coffee: You really want to feel like an adult, but hate the thought of consuming a hot drink. You’ve tried coffee before and can’t stand it, but feel like the caffeine hit surely must be good for you. You’re a little immature, and have WAY too much energy. You love going for runs, lifting weights and heck, you probably even do Crossfit.

Espresso: You’re a get up and go person, and definitely don’t have time for anyone but you. You’re constantly on the go, and have a ridiculously busy schedule each day. You probably work in tech or have an extremely stressful, busy job. You’re very career oriented and your job always comes in at number one.

Caramel Latte: You’d consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, and often congratulate yourself for seemingly nailing the coffee (which some would disagree!).  Forget the syrup at home, you’ve got a super sweet tooth and a slight addiction to chocolate. You’re the person at work that has a chocolate drawer, but you’re also extremely generous and don’t mind sharing.

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