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Train your brain with these 5 tools

As we age our brain function decreases and studies suggest keeping mentally active can greatly improve cognitive function and improve mental stimulation.

Studies show that young adults who participate in brain training have a higher brain processing speed, increased memory and highly functioning executive functions – all without having to leave the couch!

Online brain training apps are all the rage and work to train and improve your cognitive skills via a range of logic, maths, illusions, games and puzzles that work on all of the key brain areas.

Want to stretch and tone your brain into peak condition? Check out these great tools for training your brain.


The original and most well-known brain training app, Luminosity has a following of over 85 million users at last count. Created by scientists and game designers, the app has over fifty mini games designed to train cognitive functions including speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving.


Popular on iPhone, Elevate consists of forty games and is designed to boost maths and speaking skills plus improving a wide range of cognitive functions. The focus for the app is on daily brain training and there is plenty of stats for overall performance tracking brain productivity.


A popular Android app, Peak was developed by leading scientists from Yale University and Cambridge University. Suitable for all ages, the app has the option of setting reminders for brain training on certain days of the week, so you never forget to do your brain workout.

Fit Brain

With a whopping sixty brain training games, you’ll get more bang for your buck with Fit Brain. The app has 500 training programs that are fully programmable so you can build your emotional intelligence, memory and problem-solving.


Neuronation is a nifty app with over ten million users globally that works to improve and boost mental health and brain function. Created in conjunction with ten leading universities, Neuronation is a cognitive training tool that will enrich the working memory and improve the brain’s ability to process information.

If you want to dust off the brain cells and stretch your brain, downloading one of the apps above could get your brain training off and racing and your brain cells in peak condition using simple and effective regular workouts.

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