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This ONE simple trick could improve your sleep instantly.

We all want to sleep better, deeper and for longer, but stress and our lifestyle habits can
sometimes make a good night of sleep seem almost impossible. New research has found however, that massaging your feet every night before bed can
drastically improve your quality of sleep almost instantly.

In fact, this simple little trick has been used in certain cultures for centuries in order to
promote a healthy and restful night of slumber.According to ancient Chinese Medicine, it is believed that there are special pressure points located in the feet that can stimulate and promote detoxification pathways and health benefits.

When stimulated, these pressure points can help to improve blood flow, release toxins,
reduce stress, promote relaxation and balance the energy of the body. Massaging the feet can also reduce the incidence of restless leg syndrome, inflammation
and has even been shown to help you fall asleep faster.

There are also over 15,000 nerve endings in the feet, which means that massaging this
sensitive area can mimic the effects of a full body massage. To experience the profound health benefits and to get an amazing night of sleep, here is
what to do-

1.) Start by gently squeezing and releasing your foot in order to stimulate the blood
flow. Repeat this a couple of times until you start to notice the blood moving into
your foot.

2.) Use your thumb to gently start massaging the centre of your foot, then start working
your way down and around your foot. Use a combination of long strokes and short
strokes at varying pressures in order to activate the nerve endings and pressure
points. You can also use lotion or oil if you desire.

3.) Now, concentrate on the ball of your foot, as massaging this area is said to help
promote relaxation. Start by massaging the ball of your foot using circular strokes.
Continue massaging the surrounding area for a few minutes, concentrating on any
tight or sore spots that you may find.

4.) Next move to your big toe. Begin pressing and massaging the center of the big toe
and along the outer side. This is said to help secrete melatonin, which can help to
regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Aim to massage this area for at least 2-5 minutes.

5.) Finally, massage the top of each of your toes by gently rubbing and pressing on
them. This is said to release tension and help to ease a worried mind.

6.) To end your massage, squeeze and release your feet like you did in the beginning a
couple of times. Then run your fingertips up and down your feet in a light feathery

7.) For maximum effect, repeat on both feet – the total massage should take around 15

So, why not pamper yourself tonight with a foot massage before bed? Not only will it feel
great but it will also help you to achieve a peaceful night of slumber.

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