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This April, we're adopting Bilbies!

Here at Koala, we’re passionate animal lovers and want to see all Australian animals flourish. This April, we’re extremely proud to announce that we have partnered with Taronga Conservation Society Australia to help in the conservation efforts of one of Australia’s favourite marsupials, the Greater Bilby. 

For the entire month, any customers who purchase a koala mattress will ALSO adopt a Bilby from Taronga. Did you know that Bilbies are extinct in NSW?  The Bilbies have suffered a catastrophic decline; threatened in the wild by loss of habitat, and introduced feral predators. The unique animal once ranged far and wide throughout Australia, and we’re on a mission to make this a reality again in the future.

Often viewed as “Australia’s Easter Bunny”, Bilbies play a very important role in the ecosystem of the Australian bush. They improve soil health by creating disturbances in the form of nose pokes, scratchings, digs, long bulldozing tracts and complex subterranean burrows.

This Easter, we’ve made a pact to #savetheeasterbilby and have made it our mission to partner with Taronga Conservation Society Australia to fulfill this goal. During this time, we will still also be supporting the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital as well as the Bilbies – everyone wins!

Taronga CEO, Cameron Kerr says of the partnership, “Taronga is delighted to welcome Koala as a supporter of our vital breeding and habitat conservation programs for the Greater Bilby.”

“This gentle marsupial has suffered a catastrophic decline due to introduced predators such as feral foxes and cats, competition with rabbits and habitat degradation. This is why it’s absolutely crucial that we do all we can to protect Bilbies’ remaining habitat and restore more land to its natural conditions.”

Our Co-Founder & Director, Mitch Taylor, is also extremely excited; “Our partnership with the Koala Hospital is at the core of the Koala business and we know our customers are keen to help us protect Australia’s very special animals. This year, we wanted to extend our efforts to help the vulnerable Aussie Easter ‘bunny’, the Bilby. Taronga is doing an amazing job at conserving these animals, and this partnership gives every day Australians the chance to help too”.

Taronga Zoo’s Prince George Bilby Exhibit, is home to three charismatic Bilbies; male Kwob and females Tanami and Terrari. Sisters Tanami and Terrari were born at Taronga in 2014 following the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with baby George.

Keep an eye out on our Instagram @koalamattress and Facebook page for more updates on our Bilby partnership, and an exciting upcoming competition as well! #savetheeasterbilby.

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