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THE GUEST ROOM SURVIVAL GUIDE: 7 ways to conquer any family sleepover.

 Stuck sleeping in a guest room this festive season? One of those people who can only sleep properly in your own bed? When the holidays come calling, so do nights stuck on lumpy mattresses, old sheets and next to the bathroom/kitchen/nursery. There are so many reasons you won’t be able to sleep, but we’ve got 7 tips for the silly season that are guaranteed to give you a great sleep. 


  1. Bring the earplugs

If your white noise app isn’t cutting it, always carry a pair of earplugs with you. It means that if you’re sharing a room with a baby, dog or a particularly loud-snoring uncle, you won’t hear a thing.


  1. Watch what you eat

They say you are what you eat, but have you ever heard you sleep what you eat? Us neither, but it sounds pretty fancy. But seriously, you need to watch what you consume before you sleep, especially when you’re trying to sleep in a foreign bed. Always eat a few hours before bed and watch your alcohol intake, as it can really make for a rough night’s sleep.


  1. Take your own pillow

When Dorothy clicked her heels together in the Wizard of Oz and said there’s no place like home, she probably didn’t realise just how true it really was. If you can’t sleep at home, you can at least try to replicate it. Bring your favourite pillow from home (or two!) – they’ll help you sleep better and dream about your own Koala mattress at home.


  1. Wear an eye mask

Any light can be a distraction when you try to sleep, and sometimes flimsy curtains just won’t do the trick. Always carry an emergency eye mask for out-of-your-own-bed situations – we love silk as it won’t cause wrinkles and is gentle on your skin.


  1. Choose your scent

If you haven’t tried a sleep mist, spray or candle, it’s time to invest. The aromatherapy benefits of these magical smelling products are numerous, and if you’re used to sleeping with one at home they’re a sure way to put you to sleep in someone else’s bed too.


  1. Stick to your routine

When we’re at home, we tend to stick to a routine. Dinner at 7pm, bedtime at 9pm – whatever your routine is, try to roughly maintain it wherever you are. If you always brush your teeth exactly 5 minutes before sleeping, do it! You’ll find that following a similar pattern will trick your body into thinking you’re at home, and help you to fall asleep a lot faster.


  1. Ditch the electronics

This is one that you should be following when you’re at home or not at home, but research has repeatedly highlighted that looking at screens before bed is detrimental to your sleeping pattern. Turn off all electronics at least an hour before bed, and try reading instead. Constant exposure to a glowing screen before bed will trick your body into thinking it’s still daytime, making it harder to fall asleep.


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