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The A-Zs of why you should be sleeping right now

Alertness. More sleep means you’ll be more alert, and who doesn’t want that? Next time your boss gets angry at you for napping during the day, refer them to this NASA study that proved that after just a 40-minute nap, pilots were more alert than ever.

Be in a better mood. A lack of sleep leaves people feeling irritable and short-tempered, which no one wants to be or feel. Sleep more, be happier and feel more relaxed. It’s a win/win for everyone.

Clean sleeping. We’re serious; Gwenyth Paltrow says Clean Sleeping is the new Clean Eating, and you need to jump onto this trend ASAP.

Dreams are epic. If you don’t get enough sleep or enter a deep enough phase for REM to begin, then you won’t dream. Dreaming allows our mind to take us to incredible places, and sometimes our subconscious talks to us through dreams.

Everyone is thinking it. Let’s face it, when we’re not sleeping, we’re daydreaming about being asleep.

Feel amazing. How good is sleeping? Seriously, there’s nothing better than your blanket cocooning you (weighted or not) and the gentle embrace of your mattress. YES PLEASE.

Get creative. Lost your imagination lately? A study found that those who take REM naps (those in a deep state) are more creative than those who aren’t.

Healthy weight. Research shows that the less sleep you get, the more likely you are to be overweight. When you’re sleep deprived, you have less energy and make poor food choices.

Immune system. 
Be one of those people that doesn’t get sick this winter by investing in your sleep. Adequate shut-eye keeps your immune system running strong, meaning just MAYBE you won’t catch that gross cold from that sniffly people on the train.

Just because.  Give us one reason why you shouldn’t be sleeping right now. At work? Chuck a sickie. At school? Desks are just hard beds for your head. On the train? We’ve written a guide for that too.

Koala mattresses are damn comfy. No explanation needed here friends.

Look better. Puffy eyes, dark purple circles and a pale complexion are all a by-product of no sleep, and basically screams “I AM A WALKING ZOMBIE.” Skip the zombie-esque phase and head for better looks with more sleep.

More friends.
A recent Swedish study highlighted that less sleep = less friends, and we all want more friends… right?! It showed that the less sleep people think you’ve had, the less attractive and appealing you are.

Netflix. Need we say more? Is there anything more tempting than rushing home, getting dressed into your comfiest pyjamas and jumping onto your koala to watch the latest Netflix series? HINT: The answer is no.

Oxford University says so. And if they say it’s important, then it has to be. They’ve even written 10 tips on how to get to sleep faster, YASSSSS.

Productivity levels increase. When you’ve had a decent sleep, you’re waaaay more productive. Your energy levels increase and you’re well-rested enough that you tackle tasks you wouldn’t normally go near.

Quietness awaits. If you crave that sweet, sweet silence, you’ll know the only place you can truly enjoy it is the bedroom. Which just so happens to be the place where you can also get some sleep… get the hint?!

Right side of the bed. Go to sleep now so you can wake up on the right side of the bed. Heck, you might even find if you actually get 7-8 hours of sleep EVERY night you’ll wake up on the right side of the bed every day.

Skin troubles, snooze ya later. As you sleep, your body repairs itself, especially your face. Ever wondered why beauty sleep is a phrase? Because it’s legit. Let your skin speak for itself with loads of shut-eye.

To bed, or not to bed? Bed, the answer is always bed.

Utter bliss. Is there anything more relaxing than being in bed? Your white noise playing in the background as you wear your silk sleep mask and are embraced by your Tencel sheets? HINT: No, there’s not.

Vegetables can’t do what sleep does. BOOM. Didn’t think it’d be possible to get V, yet here we are. Nothing is going to give you that “I just slept for 9 hours” glow except sleep…. Not even KALE.

Worry less. It’s not magic that you always wake up feeling better if you’ve had a crappy night. One study found that compared to people who go to bed early, those who go to bed late are more likely to be overwhelmed and plagued by negative thoughts.

Xmas is too far away. You deserve to buy yourself a present right now, and what’s better than the gift of sleep?

You can’t remember the last time you felt truly rested. GO GO GO. This is not a drill. Run don’t walk, straight to bed with you.

Zoning out. If you can’t keep your eyes open at work, or have no idea what that last 2 hour meeting was about, you’re in trouble. Have a sneaky nap at your desk and refer your boss to point A if they have an issue.

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