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The 8-8-8 rule: manage your time effectively by breaking your day into blocks

Do you find yourself wondering where your day went? Does your time seem to slip through your fingers and you wind up never get anything done?

The secret to managing your time effectively and treating yourself to the work/life balance you crave could be as simple as breaking your day into bite-size blocks.

So what is the 8-8-8 rule you ask? It’s an effective rule for living a balanced life by working less!

Let’s break it down a little to explain how the 8-8-8 rule works.

8 hours of work

Figure out what time you work your best and get cracking then, so you’re at your best. Focus on the Pareto Principle of getting 80% results from 20% of activities to drive results and get the most out of your workday.

Chuck out any time wasters or distractions that might be a drag on your time at work and make sure you avoid checking social media or any activity that reduces your effectiveness.

8 hours for you

Whether you want to learn a new sport or you love to read, spend 8 hours per day doing what YOU love. Join a gym, watch your fav TV show or get out in the world and explore a new town – do whatever puts a smile on your dial.

8 hours of sleep

After a big day of work and play our bodies need sleep so make sure you get 8 hours of shut-eye, so you’re in peak condition to get the most out of your day.

That’s the 8-8-8 rule explained! Now it’s time to focus on breaking up your day and using your time effectively to ensure you’re getting the work-life balance you need for optimum health!

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