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The 6 reasons WHY a koala mattress makes the perfect Valentine's Day date.

Ergh, Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it, hate it or just don’t give a damn, one thing is for sure - we’re all dreaming of that perfect date. You know the one… they hold the door open, turn up with a gigantic bunch of flowers (or beer) and absolutely sweep you off your feet. Finding all of those qualities and more in a human? Near impossible. Finding them in your brand spanking new Koala mattress? Easy.

There’s a million reasons why your Koala mattress truly does make the perfect Valentine’s Day date, but here are the main six.

  1.  It’ll cuddle you back.

Are you a cuddler? Craving that touch that your partner just ain’t providing? Koala’s got you covered. Your mattress will give you the perfect cuddle. It’ll wrap it’s supportive Kloud Komfort layer round you and lull you into the comfiest cuddle of your life.

  1. It knows what you really want.

You don’t want the flowers, chocolates or cheesy smiles. There’s only one thing you’re craving and Koala knows it - a full 9 hours of glorious, uninterrupted sleep.

  1. It won’t pressure you.

Forget the stress to try and impress, the Koala offers you a full 120 nights to fully get to know it. You can sleep on it, cuddle it, jump on it and relax on it, and there ain’t no pressure. If you’re not happy, you can even return your date within 120 nights and get a full refund. Try finding a human date you can do that with!

  1. It listens to you.

Ever tried dating someone, only to be constantly interrupted? The Kola mattress won’t butt in or try and sway your opinion. It’ll patiently listen, let you choose the movie (Heeeeey The Notebook!) and will let you cry on it’s shoulder/edge.

  1. It genuinely wants to spend time with you.

9 hours a night to be exact. It will clear it’s schedule and always make time for you. In fact, your Koala will be available emotionally and physically to you 24/7 - a rarity in the dating scene these days.

  1. It’s willing to share.

Your Koala knows you possibly need more than a physically connection to a mattress in your life, and it’s willing to share. In fact, most sizes of the koala are made for two people. Two is a party but three is a crowd, and Koalas love crowds.

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