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Prepare your home ahead of bushfire season

Bushfire season in Australia is part and parcel of living in a hot and sunny country with many property owners having to protect their homes during the summer months from the imminent threat of bushfires.

As a homeowner what can you do to better prepare your home ahead of the bushfire season?

There are a range of things that can be done to help prepare you and your family in the event of a bushfire threatening your home and property.

Here are some basic tips for preparing your home leading up to an Australian bushfire season.

Have a bushfire plan

Finally and most importantly, have a plan. Do you have a ‘go bag’ ready just in case? Are your important documents stored offsite or digitally so you can access them if your property is destroyed?

Clean up around the perimeter of your home

Throughout the year we can collect a range of items over time such as wood from construction, leaves, twigs and branches. All of these things can build up in your gutters, your garden shed and even under your house. The first step is to clean up as much as possible and leave nothing for the fire to catch onto around your home.

Install metal guards

Metal gutter guards are fine metal mesh screens on doors and windows that will prevent not only a build-up of debris but stop the embers blowing into your home or smashing the glass as they are repelled by the metal guards in place.

Fly the static water supply flag

For homeowners who have a pool, access to tank water or water supply that can be used to fight fires, put a sign on your property entrance so firefighters know where they can get static water supply. The nearest water source in many regional areas could be a great distance away, which could mean the end of your home.

Fix and seal your home

Missing or cracked tiles on your roof, gaps around your doors and windows or open areas under your home should all be sealed leading up to bushfire season. The key is to ensure that the fires and embers have no way to get under the home to the floorboards..

Check your home insurance

Have the correct and up to date home insurance for bushfire, just in case the worst happens. Losing your home is one thing, but if you’re not correctly insured you may have only the clothes on your back once everything is said and done – can you afford that?

If you’d like more information check out the SES or fire brigade in your state to find out more tips on preparing your home ahead of bush fire season.

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