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Netflix & Koala: October

It’s spring time, which means beautiful weather, fresh air and plenty to do out in the warm sun. But why spend time outside when you can still binge on Netflix inside?! Here is our guide to what is hitting Australian Netflix this October… HINT: WE ARE SO EXCITED.

The Hangover: If you haven’t seen this movie, you probably haven’t been out much in the past few years. That’s okay – there’s still time to redeem yourself! We’re not even going to try to describe this one – you just need to watch it and live it. This American comedy is ridiculously hilarious, and Zak Galifianakis’ crazy antics will have you in stitches. If there was ever a movie to watch when you’re having a down day or just need a laugh, this is the one.

 The Sixth Sense: Scary movies are fun, right?! This supernatural horror-thriller is a cult classic, and stars Bruce Willis as a trouble child psychologist, who tries to help an equally troubled boy. The film is best known for its surprise ending, and grossed $672 million worldwide. It’s a real jumpy thriller, and will have you on the edge of your seat. If you hate scary movies, definitely watch this one with someone to hide behind!

 The Good Dinosaur: The newest Pixar film, the Good Dinosaur tells the story in an alternate universe, where dinosaurs weren’t wiped out by a meteor. This is a really emotional kids film, that will also have any grown adult in tears. It’s about a dinosaur called Arlo, who becomes best friends with a young boy as they travel through a mysterious landscape together.

 American Horror Story: Season 5: We were kind of weirded out when we found out that people aren’t watching or haven’t heard of this series. American Horror Story is an incredible series, that focuses on a different location and storyline with the same actors each time. Season 1 was a haunted house, season 2 a mental hospital, season 3 a coven and the list goes on. Each season is said to be a ‘self-contained miniseries’ that has a storyline with its own ‘beginning, middle, and end’, with some plot elements even inspired by true events. This is the easiest way to lose a weekend, and make sure you have plenty of snacks and stay hydrated through this one.

The Titanic: All the feels and more with this classic romantic film. Feast your eyes on a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as they fall in love and face circumstances that no one should ever face. “Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack”, will become your favourite one liner, and you’ll find yourself using it constantly. Grab the ladies for a gals night or watch it with your lover, because this is a movie that you’ll laugh, cry and probably sob through.

I Am the Pretty Little Thing that Lives in the House: If the name hasn’t put you off, then keep on reading. Described as “classy vintage horror”, it premiered at the Toronto 2016 Film Festival where it was met with awe and fascination. The film focuses around a live-in nurse, who is moving into a house to care for a horror-book author.  The nurse starts experiencing subtle signs of a haunting, and finds a strange connection between what is happening to her and one of the author’s most famous books. The film isn’t your usual horror, and leaves certain parts ambiguous for the viewer to fill in.

Sweet dreams, koalas.

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