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Netflix & Koala: March

We don’t mean to alarm you, but summer is OVER. That’s right – we’re now facing autumn and we’re not sure how to cope with it. Whilst experts are saying autumn is going to feel like summer anyway, we think this trans seasonal time calls for one thing, and one thing only. NETFLIX & KOALA of course. Here’s your guide to what’s happening in the world of Netflix for Australia in March, and we’re in for a real treat this month.

Me Before You: You know those times when you just need a good cry and you watch a soppy movie to help you with the process? Introducing your new tear-inducing best friend of a movie, Me Before You. Starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafin, it follows the romantic love story of a paralysed man & his carer, played by Clarke. This emotional rollercoaster will bring out the waterworks in even the stoniest of faces, so have the tissues & chocolate ready to go.

Marvel’s Iron Fist: “I am Danny”: The fourth instalment in Marvel’s, Defendersline up is taking to the stage, and follows the story of Danny Rand, a billionaire who also happens to be a Buddhist monk. Played by Finn Jones from Game of Thrones (RIP Ser Loras), Danny’s power is he can summon the “iron fist”. One for the die-hard fans, this instalment in the Defenders series is the weirdest one yet.

American Crime Story: The People v. O.J Simpson: If you missed the series that aired on free-to-air television (does anyone still watch TV?!), this is a really interesting look into the infamous OJ Simpson case. The first instalment in the American Crime Story series, follows the murder case and has won 9 Emmys and a Golden Globe for ‘Best miniseries or Television film’. Make sure you pay attention with this binge, because there are lots of little hints that are easy to miss – get your detective hat on!

Sound of Music: If you don’t know the entire soundtrack of Sound of Music off by heart, have you really lived your life at all? Grab the kids, neighbours or a random stray cat and share the beautiful, warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you indulge in this classic film. Let the Von Trapps transport you to a different world, and singalong so the entire neighbourhood can hear. We’re not lying when we say we’ve watched this on repeat… more than a few times.

The Last Kingdom Season 2: The totally underrated series, The Last Kingdom, is bringing out their second season and we couldn’t be more excited. Set in the ninth century, season 2 focuses on Uhtred’s journey to fight for his native land of Northumbria. If you enjoyed Vikings on Netflix, this is just as good, and if not better. Full of action, historical aspects and incredible acting and scenery, the Last Kingdom will be a series you won’t be able to stop bingeing on. This is our pick for the month, and definitely calls for a lazy pizza in bed kinda night.

Conjuring 2: Hate horror films? The mere thought of an evil cackle or supernatural force following you around the house have you shaking in your boots? Probably best to give this mystery thriller the skip, as it’s terrifying for people who even enjoy a good quality thriller. From demonic possession to malicious spirits, the Conjuring is the perfect movie when you’re Netflix & Koalaing with an entire group of friends… with the lights on… and pillows to cover your face during the jumpy parts. Seriously, don’t watch this one alone!

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