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Netflix and Koala: December Edition

It only seems like yesterday was July, yet here we are 6 days in to December with Christmas in THREE WEEKS. This calls for one thing, and one thing only – ignore all your Xmas shopping, grab a coffee/tea/hot chocolate/juice/beer and roll gracefully into bed with Netflix ready to go.

Have you heard that you can also now download Netflix offline?! YES – that means seeya later data wastage and hello interesting public transport rides once again. Here are all the must sees for this jolly season:

Matilda: If you haven’t watched Matilda, have you really lived? So timeless that it was recently made into a musical that toured the country, Matilda is a classic kids movie with a very special lesson to be learnt. Cry, laugh and giggle throughout this family friendly classic – suitable for all ages and perfect for the holiday season.

Fuller House (Season 2): An original series to Netflix, but a spin off from the original series ‘Full House’ that featured the Olsen twins. Candace Cameron Bure features as DJ Tanner, who shares a home with sister Stephanie and friend Kimmy, who help her raise three boys. Season 1 was met with raving reviews and season 2 claims to be even better.

 Barry: Interested in American politics? If you’re even mildly interested in Barack Obama, then Barry will be your next go-to film. All about the U.S President, it features Barack Obama in his formative years before his entry into the White House. NIDA graduate Devon Terrell stars as a young Obama, and the story focuses on his years at Columbia University – long before his run as President.

 Van Helsing (Season 1): If you’ve been on the hunt for a new vampire drama, boy is this one series for you! The entire first season is available to binge on, with a second season already commissioned for you super eager viewers. True Blood star Kelly Overton takes the lead as Vanessa Van Helsing, where the show begins after a catastrophic volcano eruption. The remaining underground vampires rise up through the ashen sky and dark clouds to overtake America. If you’re a fan of Twilight, True Blood or Vampire Diaries, this will be your new obsession.

 White Rabbit Project: The modern mythbusters; Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara investigate heists, superpower technologies, jailbreaks and other topics in this intense series. Hilarious but actually really interesting, the White Rabbit Project makes science fun and relatable. Watch as they debunk myths and get to the bottom of mysteries you’ve always doubted!

 Dark Shadows: Watch as Johnny Depp proves once again why he is the perfect actor for just about any Tim Burton film in this American horror comedy. Based on the gothic television of the same name from the ‘60s, this will have the entire family in stitches and tears. It’s weird, kooky and a little bit odd, but is an easy-to-watch film that is a must see for any Tim Burton lover.


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