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In bed with Pink Sugar Styling

Firstly we’d love if you could tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Kirsty (@pinksugarstyling), mama to the coolest kid I know, Brax, (who’s four years old) and wife to a bit of a hunk! My husband is world champion professional Muay Thai fighter Nick Trask (@nick_tnt_trask). Together Nick and I run Heart-Out Muay Thai gym in Ipswich, Queensland. It sure does keep life both exciting and busy! Aside from my family and Muay Thai my other passion is interior and product styling. I also have a bit of a cushion and throw addiction! I just can’t get enough of them.

What does your perfect morning look like?

My perfect morning would be getting to have a sleep-in, cuddles in bed with Nick and Brax and then going to a nice cafe near the beach for breakfast. A morning where we don’t have to rush and there’s nowhere that we have to be other than together.

What’s your number one sleep tip?

My number one sleep tip is to put your phone on silent. There’s nothing worse for your sleep than getting disturbed by messages and notifications. It’s important to completely disconnect from your phone and social media at bedtime.

How do you wind down in the evening?

I like to practice mindful meditation before bed to relax and break the connection between all the day’s stress and bedtime. You can find some really wonderful free meditations online.

How has Koala changed your sleeping habits?

We upgraded from a queen to a king so now there’s room for all three of us in our bed which I love!

We’re definitely all getting a better sleep thanks to the the zero disturbance technology. We no longer wake up when the other gets up or rolls over during the night. We could never go back to a normal mattress now. It’s also been great for my back because it’s not too firm or too soft.

As an interior stylist, and product stylist what drew you in to get a Koala mattress?

The first thing that made this mattress stand out from the rest for me was the fact that Koala adopt a real koala for each mattress. I previously volunteered at a Koala hospital nursing sick and injured koalas, so I know how important donations are to these hospitals. I’ve seen first hand the difference it makes to the koalas. The next thing that appealed to me was zero disturbance technology and awesome reviews online. It was also so cool that it came in a box. Unwrapping it was a lot of fun and there was even a cute stuffed koala inside which Brax immediately claimed as his.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say my style is scandi contemporary with a touch of boho. I love using layered textures and pops of pastel to create a unique feminine space. I am normally inspired by a particular piece of décor for each photo and try and frame my styling around that initial piece.

If you could recommend customers include one product (other than a Koala mattress) in their bedroom, what product would that be? I recently bought a gas lift bed with storage underneath. I’ve started storing my cushions and throws in it. It’s been an amazing space saver and I wish I had purchased it years ago.

What colour schemes do you love most for a bedroom?

Currently I’m all about pastels in the bedroom. They are so soft and pretty.

What patterns, and colours work best for decorating a bedroom during winter?

Warm colours and textures work well in winter for bedroom styling. And a heavy knit throw is a must!

You always use decorative pillows in your bedroom shots. What’s your number one tip for people who want to buy decorative pillows for their bedroom?

I love handmade cushions! Not only are they beautifully crafted and amazing quality but you’re also supporting a small business. I still buy store cushions and I normally use them as a base and then put one or two gorgeous handmade cushions at the front.

Can you share your styling tips for setting up the most aesthetic bed?

I like to start with good quality sheets and a nice quilt. Make sure you iron your pillowcases if they need it. Next I add two European pillows at the back and 2-4 standard pillows in front of those. I normally use 3-6 cushions at the front of the pillows and finish the bed off with a throw at the bottom. You want to make sure that all the items on your bed complement each other.

Your photos nearly always have an arrangement of flowers in them! What flowers do you recommend for the home? Definitely fresh flowers where possible. However, I mainly use silk flowers in my photos because they don’t die so they are always on hand. My favourite flowers are peonies but they are hard to come by where I live.

How regularly do you think someone should change their bedding?

I change my bed linen weekly. I love that feeling when you jump into bed with fresh sheets! It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

Lastly, can you give a piece of advice to people out there who also want to pursue a career in interior styling or product styling?

My main points would be:

– Style your home and start taking photos of it. The more you do this the better you will get at both styling and photography

– Start an Instagram account for your styling and share the photos you take

– Support small businesses on Instagram and tag them in your photos that feature their products.

– If you love it don’t ever give up on it.

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