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In bed with Montana Lower

Firstly we’d love if you could tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey! I’m Monny (@montanalower). I like to smile. To laugh. To make people laugh. To share things. To learn. To eat. To dance. To sit by a fire. To swim in the ocean. To pick the grass out of my hair. To grow things. To grow. To travel. And most of all, I like to simply, be.

(Pools freak me out, and so does low fat milk).

What does your perfect morning look like?

A trip to the beach!

What’s your number one sleep tip?

If my boy is away, I like to read myself to sleep. It often leads to some pretty fun dreams, but if he’s home, there’s nothing better than a back tickle.

How has Koala changed your sleeping habits?

Admittedly, it’s now a little too comfy to get out of bed.

What does your morning ritual look like? Are you the kind of person that checks social media first thing?

Nothing happens before a lemon water.

You recently went to Sri Lanka. What motivated you to travel there, and what were you ultimate sights or activities you experienced while there?

We kind of just woke up one day and said – let’s go! I didn’t know much about Sri Lanka before we went, but I’d been to India and loved it. I like to be surprised by places; to let them show me what they want to. Sri lanka was a curry-hunting, elephant-spotting, treasure wave dream. We spent most of our time in Arugam Bay. If you’re ever there, make sure to take the train trip from Ella.

Any other world destinations you recommend team koala visit?

Without a doubt, I’d recommend a trip to Mexico. It’s beautiful and vibrant and full of life.

We notice you’re currently studying Civil and Environmental Engineering; how do you juggle modelling and a difficult degree?

It’s hard to do anything else while modelling. The short notice, varying locations and sporadic nature of it all is a lot to base your life around. But it’s been a few years now and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it – or at least just accepting its flow in my life. Engineering is a challenge, but it’s one that I enjoy. I think when you believe in something and enjoy it, it has a way of working out.

What made you decide to study Civil and Environmental Engineering, and do you see yourself going down that career path after university?

I’m currently enjoying modeling, but I firmly believe that your “outside” should have little to do with your “inside”, unless of course you are expressing what you feel. I’ve always had an interest in design and figuring out how things worked. It occurred to me that I couldn’t rely on someone else to make the changes that I wanted to see in the world. So I combined the two. I think everything you learn along your journey has a way of working its way into other avenues of your life.

Engineering is all about systems management. Efficiency. Innovation. Complex analysis. These skills are beneficial in anything you do. Just like my engineering brings me back down to earth from my modelling, the modelling reminds me to spice it up.

So to answer your question – yes. I truly can’t wait to put what I’ve learned to action.

What first got you into modelling?

I honestly can’t draw the dots between how I got from full time office work to modelling and living in Byron. But I think if I traced it right back, my first introduction to it was through my Mamma. She’s an artist, and I’ve been her little life model since the beginning.

We notice you’re signed with Vivien’s – that’s so exciting! What is it like being a professional model? How does a photoshoot day look like?

I was lucky to fall under Vivien’s wing when I did. They’ve been so supportive and understanding of my unique path with this whole modelling thing. The start was pretty funny – I grew up in rural towns and so professional modelling was my first introduction to fashion, makeup, girls competing with each other based on their looks… I didn’t understand what I was doing at the time, but Instagram gave me an opportunity to show more about who I was rather than what I was, and soon enough like minded brands started getting in contact. From here, shooting got really fun. And now it’s just a giggly blur.

What’s the hardest thing about modelling?

Sometimes I have to wear shoes. And sometimes I have to be ‘serious’. But it’s nice to play different characters sometimes.

What’s the best thing about modelling?

The free lunch. Hahaha just kidding. Getting to be around creative, passionate people. It’s energising.

What are some of your favourite campaigns you’ve been on? What made those photoshoots extra special?

Recently I went to Uruguay to shoot a campaign. I wrote a poem in the makeup chair and ended up doing a voiceover on the video produced on the day… It will be released soon and I can’t wait to share it! I love it when brands make it about more than the aesthetics. Fashion, to me, has always been about dressing how you FEEL.

Lastly, what advice can you give to our audience for those who want to pursue modelling?

Know who you are. Don’t let people change you. And if you’re going to change – don’t do it for anything or anyone but to grow for your true and essential happiness.

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