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In bed with Lel from the Party Kit Company

Adult sleepovers. Love ‘em, hate ‘em, (perhaps you’ve never tried ‘em), Lel Brassel Ngo from the Party Kit Company knows all about them. Lel, known as ‘The Party Queen’, worked with us to create a dreamy setup for the ultimate adult sleepover and was kind enough to let us quiz her on her top tips!

Tell us a little about yourself and the Party Kit Company?

“In 2013, after feeling a little stale and uninspired, we (husband Khai and I), left Sydney and headed to Berkeley, California. Khai was studying Global Business Management and I was studying Event Styling and Floristry. I’m an event manager by trade, but always had this tiny voice telling me to start a business; I just didn’t have a clue what the business would be. One random afternoon, I was collating products for a styling assignment, and that little voice came back: “Do pre-styled party packs exist? If not, do itttt!”. So here we are, a few years (and grey hairs) later, and we’ve got a great range of themed party kits available on our site, ready for busy mums or party hosts to grab a pack and party, with the least amount of stress possible.”

We hear you’re the expert when it comes to sleepover parties. What are your top tips for hosting them?

“Sleepovers were fun as kids because it usually meant staying up and eating tonnes of sugar. They’re better as an adult because you can have wine! Late nights aren’t as much of an attraction nowadays though, so maybe start early if you’re a sleepyhead like me. Here are my top tips for the ultimate sleepover:

  • Make it comfy – drag that Koala mattress in front of the TV. Get as many pillows and blankets as possible, and create yourself and your friends the most luxuriously comfy environment you can
  • Snack it up – whether you prefer the classic popcorn, or take it up a level with a fancy cheese board, be sure to get plenty of snackage to fight energy crashes
  • Movies matter – whether it’s a movie marathon or TV series binge, agree on what to watch beforehand. Nothing worse than popping on Netflix and spending 45 mins just deciding what to watch
  • Dim the lights – if you’re going to be relaxing in front of the TV, be sure to keep light low, but I wouldn’t suggest candles with all the blankets and pillows”

How were you sleeping before v. after getting a koala mattress?

“We have been under a whole heck of stress lately, with a number of projects going on (we both have day jobs as well as running the Party Kit Company). Having a new, comfy mattress has been heavenly. Also, admittedly, we do a lot of work in bed. A few nights a week, you’ll definitely find us both in bed with laptops, chatting about business and getting stuff done till the wee hours. It’s nice to have a cloud-like new workspace! Our old mattress was almost seven years old and had butt dents in it – not a good sign. It was a queen size mattress and Khai’s been joking about getting himself a king (and me a single) for about five years, as he loves to have space. I’m so glad we upgraded; he can roll around just as he wishes without disturbing me. WIN!”

What does your ideal movie and food setup look like?

“Oh, rom-coms for sure… Any and all. I’m a huge sucker for Bridget Jones’ Diary and Love Actually. But I’m also in support of binge watching TV, providing you can get a group of friends together who are interested in the same series; my faves are Buffy and Gilmore Girls! For food, you have to include cheese. Just go with tonnes of cheese and wine. Grazing platters are huge at the moment, so they’re a good option to keep everyone happy.”

A massive thank you to Lel for taking the time to chat with us, and making our entire office start planning their next sleepover with plenty of cheese, wine and epic Netflix binging. You can follow the Party Kit Company on Instagram and Facebook.

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