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In bed with Catherine Heraghty

If you’ve ever looked at a beautiful bedroom on Instagram and had major style envy, then you’ve probably stumbled across our #instacrush, Catherine Heraghty. Talented doesn’t begin to describe this stylist, interior designer and mama. Her passion for all things design is inspiring, and we sat down with Catherine to talk trends, sleep and family.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a mother first and foremost to my adorable two-year old little boy Hudson and wife to my builder husband, Adam. I grew up on the south coast so we regularly pack our little family up and head back down to the coast to see family and unplug from the hectic life of running our own business. We have two golden English cocker spaniels, Angus and Hamish who are like our first born children and feature regularly in my social media. We live in the southern suburbs of Sydney, near the water, so you will often find us at the beach on weekends or walking our dogs along the water during winter. I own my own business, The Stables, which I established 18 months ago after selling another interiors business which I had for nearly ten years. I am a fully qualified interior designer but I naturally seem to fall into styling spaces rather than designing them.

What does your perfect morning look like?

A perfect morning would definitely include a little sleep in past seven am. I think that is bliss in any mother’s book! It also would be a slow start to the day without having to rush out the door. We often make banana pancakes on the weekends as we have the time, Hudson loves to help me cook, so this is always fun and I really enjoy doing those kinds of activities with him. Then leaving the house with my little family, heading off to do something fun together. The key factor to my perfect morning is being with my family, having fun and not having to rush!

What’s your number one sleep tip?

I have a few but here are my top tips! The perfect mattress covered in gorgeous linen that makes you want to go to bed and enjoy sleep when you get it. You spend a third of your day asleep, so it’s important to have a nice place to lay at the end of the day. My other sleep tip is to wash your linen weekly. I am totally obsessed with the thought of hopping into bed when you have fresh linen on the bed – THERE’S NOTHING BETTER!

If you have kids, make sure their bedroom is really, really dark so they let you sleep in. Failing that, line your husband up the night before to get up at the crack of dawn with them, so you can have a sleep in. I am lucky in that my husband will often let me stay in bed for longer than him, but then I let him have an afternoon nap in return… so maybe the key to some extra sleep is negotiation!

How do you wind down in the evening?

A steaming hot shower to wash the day off! If I am lucky, I get the shower to myself as Hudson often likes to jump in with me. Once Hudson is in bed at 7pm, we will have dinner together. I do all the cooking as I love to cook and right now we are loving having a glass of red wine with dinner in the cooler weather. We will just chill out and watch some TV together on the nights that I don’t have to catch up on work.

How did you build up such a loyal following on Instagram?

I think by staying true to my style and being consistent. I do what I love and people are drawn to my style so I continue to give them what they love. I also try and engage with my audience. I have made so many beautiful friends on instagram – it’s funny that I have never met so many of them in person but we will chat every day. It’s a whole new circle of friends! I also like to share where I source things from, I think people appreciate that I am not secretive with my sources so people can truly feel they can replicate what I am doing.

What is your favourite colour palette for this winter?

I love all of the dusty muted colours that are currently available, it could be a dusty blue grey or a dusty khaki green. They are perfect for the cooler months rather than the highly saturated brighter colours that are suited to the warmer months. Warmer colours are so appealing in winter, so I love nudes mixed with a touch of black and highlighted with dusty blushes or greens.

Where do you find inspiration from for your interior style?

I think a lot of the time about what products are available to me; I am constantly looking, all day, every day. I start to put combinations in my mind all the time and wait for the right job to come along that I can use it for. I also do what naturally appeals to me and people seem to respond really well to this. I am naturally drawn to simple and clean lines, soft muted colours and light and bright spaces. My style does evolve slowly, but I tend to try and remain as timeless as I can – I don’t like to be a slave to the trends! I think if you looked at some of my work six years ago and compared it to now, it would be very obvious that I stay true to my individual style.

Heading Photo credit: www.realestate.com.au ( Picture: Julie Crespel )

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