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In bed with Alice in Healthyland

Meet one of our favourite bloggers ever, Alice Balcon from Alice in Healthyland. Mother of two, nurse and motivator of many, Alice is someone that everyone can relate to. She’s an absolute guru when it comes to health, and has built up a massive following who she inspires daily. We were super excited to chat with Alice on all things sleep, babies and the future of Alice in Healthyland.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I run a blog and Instagram account called Alice In Healthyland. I am married to my soul mate David (he just totally gets me), I am a mumma to my toddler Cruz and my newborn Winter Rose. I am a Registered nurse currently on maternity leave and I absolutely love to study all things health (seriously I’m a health geek, always researching).

What does your perfect morning look like?

To start my day with a walk outside in the fresh air, then come home and have a nice cuppa and breakie with my family. I LOVE breakfast, can’t function without it. It’s my most creative meal of the day.

What’s your number one sleep tip?

A few drops of lavender in a hot bath or in the shower. It really helps my whole family to relax in the lead up to bedtime.

How do you wind down in the evening?

With a good book or a great TV show, at this point, I normally put my phone on charge away from my bed so that I really can chill out.

You’ve just had a beautiful baby girl (second child!), congratulations! How are you coping with the fragmented sleeping pattern?

Oh thank you! So in love with her. Winter Rose is still in the early newborn days, she feeds and then goes back to sleep, so I am still managing to get rest in between her feeding. My toddler however does wake up once, so I’m slowly adjusting to settling him in the middle of the night and hoping he goes back to sleep fast so I can rest before Winter Rose wakes up for her feed. We are getting there though.

Has having a koala mattress helped?

Gosh yes, before my Koala mattress days we slept on my husband’s childhood mattress, so getting a Koala has been absolute heaven on our bodies. Seriously so comfortable and we both manage to get a good nights sleep when we can.

What are your best tips for getting your children to sleep on time?

A routine – dinner, lavender bath, cuddles and a good book in bed, then into their sleeping bag and light out.

How many hours of sleep a night do you average as a new mum?

Currently anywhere from 5-7hrs of broken depending on our night. I would love 8 haha!

What’s next for Aliceinhealthyland?

To continue to share all things my love for health and raw motherhood tales. I am also excited to release my new ebook with all my recipes in the one place. Ekkk cannot wait!

Photo credit: aliceinhealthyland.net

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