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How we made the perfect sofa

Koala hasn’t been around forever. We’re a couple of years old, but during that time we’ve prided ourselves on taking all the experience we’ve garnered from creating an absolutely amazing mattress.

Our geniuses have now analysed all the data they’ve collected into making the most comfy, nappable couch you’ll find in Australia (OK, we don’t have the evidence to back that up, but trust us; it is awesome). We’re a very data-driven organisation, and it’s important to us that we take input from our customers and roll it into future designs.

We know what works when it comes to falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer and have put that same experience into our mattresses. Be it during an epic session of Game of Thrones, or battling through Star Wars one too many times, having a comfy place to stretch out and rest your head is critical. Our three-seater mattress is long enough for most to stretch out on, and comfy for almost everyone. When it comes to comfort, we are not messing around. With the purchase of every sofa, Koala will adopt a green turtle via our relationship with the WWF. Today is World Turtle Day (worldturtleday.org), so we’re proud to be making this announcement.

Our proprietary foam and hypoallergenic cover combine to provide a comfortable, breathable and supportive spot to relax, recover, unwind and enjoy your evenings or weekends.

Sweet dreams.

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