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How to STOP your partner from snoring.

Are you kept awake by the constant drone of your partner snoring? Though it may seem like there will never be an end, you'll be happy to hear there are quite a few ways to fix your snoring situation. 

The first step to stopping your partner from snoring is to determine what type of snorer
they are, and then you can work out exactly what the best treatment will be.


1.) Nose Snorer: usually occurs as a result of blocked nasal passages due to colds or
sinus infections.

2.) Mouth Snorer: the snorer has an open mouth and relaxed jaw which creates the
sound of snoring

3.) Tongue Snorer: the snorer’s tongue drops to the back of the mouth and obstructs
their airway.

4.) Palatal Flutter Snorer: the soft palate and uvula vibrate, which causes the sound of

5.) Multifactorial Snorer: the snorer is a combination of all of the types mentioned

Once you've determined which type of snorer your partner is, the next step is the
solution (woohoo!).

Nose Snorers:
For nose snorers, the best solutions are often nasal strips, nasal dilators or a sinus relief
spray before bed. If the cause is a cold or infection, the good news is that the snoring
probably won’t last more than a week or so.

Mouth Snorers:
A solution that will actually work for mouth snorers is a device that helps to lift up their chin. You can buy 'chin up' strips which actually help to keep the mouth closed and reduce the chance of snoring. If that seems too uncomfortable, you can also try a snore guard or oral shield, which blocks the sound from coming out of the mouth.

Tongue Snorers:
Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a tongue snorer there really is only one solution that
works, which is a mandibular advancement device. These devices are designed to hold the lower jaw and tongue forward, which creates more space to breathe. This can prevent snoring and can also promote a healthier night sleep for everyone involved - though may be potentially uncomfortable for the tongue snorer!

Palatal Flutterer Snorer:
Chin up strips are also a great way to help stop a palatal flutterer from snoring. These strips help to keep the mouth closed and relax the muscles in the jaw, which can reduce the chances of snoring. You can also try using a mouth spray that is designed to help reduce inflammation and swelling. These sprays can also help to keep the mouth lubricated, which reduces the chances of snoring.

Multifactorial Snorer:
For those who snore due to multiple reasons, you may have to give a few of these
suggestions a try before you find one that fits.

And finally, there are a few other general tips you can try that will help stop your partner
from snoring:

- Make sure they sleep on their side

- Ensure they have a supportive pillow

- Encourage them to lose weight if necessary

- Encourage them to quit smoking

- Make sure they don’t drink alcohol before bed

By determining the type of snorer that you have on your hands, plus testing out a few of
these solutions, you will be back to deep and restful sleep in no time at all! 

Sweet dreams, Koalas.

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