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Have you had one of these 6 common dreams?

Ever woken up from a really weird dream, tried to explain it to someone and been met with blank stares? What you dream about can say a LOT about you, and highlight issues that you might not even be aware of.

In ancient times, if you were sick, the first thing that would happen was dream analysis. Doctors would take an in-depth look at the patient’s dreams, and attempt to give a medical diagnosis based on the dreams.

There’s no single meaning for dreams, but there are many symbols and images that are so common, they have a general meaning that can relate to most people in someway or another.

If you’re dreaming about…..

Being Naked

It’s the classic nightmare, you’re giving a work presentation or important speech, and all of a sudden you’re starkers. If you’ve ever had this dream before a big event, don’t worry – it’s totally normal. According to experts, this can means that you’re feeling underprepared or not valuing yourself. It can also mean that you’re hiding something, and you’re scared to have a truth revealed.

Being Chased

Running from a monster? Sprinting from a crazy ex? Dreams like these indicate that you’re running from your problems, rather than facing them. If you wake up feeling panicked, be sure to have a thorough analysis of what’s currently going on in your life. Are there any problems that you’ve been avoiding? Be sure to tackle them so these bad dreams can go in the sin bin.


Good news – dreaming you’re flying is often an extremely positive sign! For anyone that’s particularly career driven, this dream means you’re reaching for new heights, and that you’re on the right track. Keep pushing for whatever you’re aiming for and before you know it you’ll be achieving all your wildest dreams.


Dreaming about death and freaking the heck out? Don’t worry; it’s not an insight into the future. Rather, it’s more related to a dramatic change that has happened or is coming up in your life. It may be the end of one thing (like a relationship) or the start of something new (a job), but whatever it is – it’s big!


Experts say this is one of the most common dreams, and normally is a warning sign. It can indicate that something in your life is going terribly wrong, and your subconscious is warning you to stop whatever path you’re heading down. It might be that you’re worried about a financial investment or relationship, but take this dream as a sign to get your affairs in order.

Busting to go to the toilet

Don’t lie, we’ve all experienced this dream in some form or another. You’re absolutely busting to go, but you can’t find a bathroom? Experts say this can indicate that you’ve got some toxicity in your life that you need to get rid of, but are having trouble with. It could be breaking up with a partner, or quitting your beloved job. Another take on this classic dream is that you’re craving alone time and need more privacy. It might be that you need to take a break from work, your partner or overbearing mum for a few days.

Sweet dreams, koalas.

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