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Four home tech gadgets you can’t live without

In this growing technological world that we live in, we are surrounded by technical gadgets. We have smart phones, smart watches, laptops, tablets, wireless headphones, in fact wireless anything, digital radios, digital televisions, even digital assistants such as Alexa – the voice of Amazon’s Echo.

If we were to pick out the top four gadgets, Koala would nominate some interesting developments that have forever changed how we live.

First up is the humble fridge. Where would we be without it? Suffering from food poisoning on a regular basis, making constant trips to the shops to replace our diary, meat and fish products.

Another overlooked piece of tech is an absolute must in the home. Ask any fire brigade: smoke detectors save lives. While it’s easy to forget these little devices, it’s important to schedule in regular battery changes to ensure they are working at the time you may need one. It could mean the difference between life and death.

While indoor plumbing dates back millennia, one of the most influential technical gadgets in the home remains the common lavatory. The widespread use of flushable toilets led to a significant a drop in serious waterborne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea, making that piece of porcelain priceless.

Finally, and perhaps most predictably, the internet has forever changed how we interact with the world and has had a dramatic effect on modern life – as drastic as the invention of the printing press in the late 15th century. It’s a source of price comparisons that help us make informed choices about how to spend our money wisely, the centre of our entertainment and social lives. Apps now tell us if our trains and buses are on time or late, leaving us with informed choices about whether to stay out of miserable weather and in the warmth of our homes for a little bit longer. The internet helps us to communicate with our loved ones, we can keep checks on elderly relatives, order groceries (or mattresses!) online, get home deliveries and save so much time.

While we tend to think of smartphones, vacuum cleaners and myriad kitchen appliances as time-saving technologies, it’s important to celebrate the smaller inventions that you interact with every day (or, when you really need them).

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